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  1. Hahaha it's like all the idols are promoting the movie! Their reactions are like teasers! haha it makes the fans anticipate the movie even more XD
  2. Awww she still looks beautiful! and even so, Eunjung is awesome for just being able to laugh it off along with a joke xD
  3. Gosh, I love the uniforms in Asia! They look so neat, I want to wear them as well! T__T And Hyomin looking as pretty as ever! ^^
  4. She's sooo pretty.. Aww she cried like a dinosaur, well a cute little dinosaur! hehehe XD
  5. OMG A Second Bo Peep Bo Peep?! I can't wait!! I'm going crazy, please make the days go faster XD
  6. OMG they're earning loads of money!! Go T-ara! I hope they'll achieve great success in Japan
  7. Ooooooh I can't wait to hear Hyomin's reaction to all of the things Eunjung is going to do. hehehe I bet she would be extremely jealous xD
  8. She just wants to look best for all of the fans! ^^ Don't worry Soyeon, it's very funny and cute to see your face covered like that xD
  9. Who could blame her? She's just too pretty to resist! xD Hehehe Qri deserves a really nice guy! Heck, all the members deserve a decent guy! xD
  10. She totally pulls it off! Hurray for Hyomin for being so beautiful kekeke~
  11. Hahaha so cute! Hyomin causing trouble for her parents and the police! I can imagine how cute she would have been while going to the police office hehehe
  12. I like the picture, I mean we should be happy that she actually posts a picture without her feeling embarrassed right? Means that she actually wants us to see the real Eunjung and that she wants to be closer to us^^
  13. Waaahhh she's so pretty, definitely a 180 degrees image change! She's HOT! hehehehe
  14. She looks beautiful! I love her bare face! means that she doesn't even have to wear make up hehehe
  15. Wahaha She looks so happy in the second picture! you can't not love her!
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