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  1. Pretty. She looks like f(x) Sulli doesn't she?
  2. This is bullsh... There must be another reason behind the change. Hyomin can perfectly sing too, they are good enough with Soyeon & Hyomin as the main vocals. Now what will Boram and Qri do? Just dance in the back? I guess he is doing it for make them competitive. This could destroy T-ara, honestly.
  3. Aww Hyomin is the best. I can't believe how she can be so cute/smart/pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/sexy
  4. Hyomin is more beautiful than Sunny, agree in that with the list =) Sorry sones, just my opinion. Well if it is a list with all the girls of kpop, 4 of our girls is really good.
  5. Anfrancis

    Subway updated (10)

    Hyomin is so beautiful.
  6. This is so funny even without subs. Eng subs please! Jiyeon massaging on Hyomin lol. Hahaha laughed really hard at the end with Hyomin laughing and Eunjung-Jiyeon reaction. Eunjimin is the best.
  7. Hyomin style always is the best for me, she is so beautiful. Love her crown. The minyeon couple pic is the best. New wallpaper! *-*
  8. Hyomin is so beautiful, love her long hair *-* aww but =( Jiyeon looks sick.
  9. Awww so beautiful, something broke inside me watching her cry really. Congratulations for her, she really work hard. Did she mention Jiyeon in her speech? I think I heard jiyeonni.
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