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  1. isn't that little over the top? I mean 3 versions is fine but 5? what kind of mv's are these though?
  2. damn its only been 9 episodes lol I've only seen 3 episodes I can't find the rest can someone help me?
  3. annyeong annyeong annyeong annyeong~~

    thanks for adding me~

    hoo hoo T-Ara fans UNITE!!

  4. Thanks for adding me ^^

  5. Why hello there. Birthday Troll here. Wishing you a happy birthday!!! Have lots and lots and lots of fun today!!! :D :D :D

  6. lol at the comparison wow people these days i feel bad for them etribe explian already ah well Tara hwaiting!
  7. Hi hi~! Thanks for passing by my profile! So do you like it here so far? Do you have any questions? I will try to help ^^

    Nice meeting you. :D

  8. Welcome to Tiara Diadem! I hope you will like it here! Enjoy~!

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