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  1. i just wish on their concerts they'd perform the coupling songs of their albums and that will EPIC i wanna see them perform it >_< not just the songs they have promoted T_T
  2. only 2 original japanese soundtrack. i hope they'd release more in the future
  3. finally i can't wait to join is there also news about the official fan club name?
  4. i give up KKS don't know how to handle his OWN only successful group as of now. and to sum it up HE doesn't care the feelings of the fans
  5. i'm tire with this move of KKS i am just hoping that he can "do" the right move
  6. our girls on vacation or atleast. i hope they enjoy their trip there and this new girl group they better be good for all those money to be invested with them
  7. Let's all go to ccm official website and spam it i just can't accept this
  8. T-ara is truly the best yet underestimated by many i'm proud of our girls
  9. this is still just a rumor. more songs looking forward to more Eunjung and Hwayoung rap parts * u *
  10. yes! now they can now focus in music more we will see see more improvement from t-ara i like this
  11. proud just so proud of the girls it is indeed gonna be a great year ahead of them
  12. Jiyeon's adlib..she must be missing Eunjung i hope Eunjung will make a cameo after her recovery
  13. lol..ah i prefer it be EunMin xD i just hope her husband will be fun like Jangwoo xD
  14. i think its fine. if it really is regardless whether your a guy or girl. here's a fun fact the "Queen" in chess is much stronger than the "King" and that Queen was originally a male so i find it good
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