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  1. hahaa!! i'm still studying though..studying and working at the same time! but i have a degree already. i'm 24~! ^^

  2. hahahaa!!! cheese pau!! hahahaha!! nonono i'm an asst. editor/producer...

  3. i'm going...got ignored on the thread...thanks for asking! ㅠㅠ

  4. wow onion! hallo~ lol!!

  5. leviiii! #rollinrollin

  6. hahaa! i made the gif...but i didn't photoshop those pokemon xD

  7. AHHH DEJI!!! Hallo~~

  8. i have pokemon avatar!!

  9. milktea u have twitter?

  10. erik you have twitter?

  11. very cute video you made! :D

  12. "Banned"...lol!!

  13. omg your sig rocks!

  14. hey there! you made that sig? nice!

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