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Status Updates posted by Sweettreasurer

  1. Happy Birthday to you and Junhyung of B2st! :)) Always wear a smile!^^

  2. Kirsy! how are you?? it's been a long time~

  3. Congratulations Hongie!^^

    1. candy_floss


      thank u :D~~ sr for the late rep >_______<~

    2. Sweettreasurer


      your welcome!^^ How are you? long time no talk :))

  4. i visit your Art Work Thread and i seriously love your graphics!^^ btw Have a nice day :)) i hope we could be friends^^

  5. Happy Birthday to our cutest dino in the world Jiyeon!^^ We love you so much! :))

  6. saengil chuka hamnida! :))

  7. is Jiyeon isn't the maknae anymore??

  8. belated happy birthday!^^

  9. thank you for visiting my profile^^ i love your profile pic :))

  10. oh memae! i miss you! how are you?>< it's been a while while now.. btw i visit one of your topic in Art Gallery and i can't pick one because they all are so COOL and AWESOME~!♥ pero nakapili pa rin po ako ng isa!^^ can i use this as my siggy in here ate memae? http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af149/kinoebe/TEMPTASTIC/pjy_wide_eyes_charm.jpg

    1. kinoebe


      ^^ thanks tessie~ sure , use it as u may, ☺ ur too diligent to diggin' my old graphics, ♥ well u have my permission. enjoy it and have a nice day~

    2. Sweettreasurer


      thank you! i love yah^^

  11. pssssttt~ Kuru!^^

    1. Risker


      ohhh? Tess! ^^ Sorry for commenting late T_T I'm busy these days and I didn't receive any notif about this >.< ^^

    2. Sweettreasurer


      me too i'm busy because this week i'm going to graduate and i need to be prepared^^.. how are you?

  12. Deactivate my account~

    1. Charocks
    2. Sweettreasurer


      i deactivate my account in twitter :))

  13. i hope i meet T-ara someday.. :)

  14. thanks for visiting my profile~! have a nice day :))

  15. thanks for visiting my profile! ^^ have a nice day! :))

  16. Hey Dals~! how are you? this is maritess :))

  17. Hi Ica~! how are you? it's been a while now.. :))

  18. sure i will follow you back! ^^

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