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  1. Aww I wanted to see her on Runnin man again. Especially since her buddy Joon is there this time. Oh well I will still watch for Eunjung ^^
  2. Ummm some people are saying that she's actually 12. 14 is her Korean age. If that's true... SMH so much. I really don't think she would fit with T-ara. She's too young if she's really 12.
  3. I'm looking forward to their comeback so much!!!! And whoa~ 20 dancers? That's quite a lot Can't wait! Sounds like it would be a fun comeback stage!
  4. They should make a reality show for this~ T-ara running their cafe hehe Kinda like Wonder Girls and Kara with their bakery ^^ but then... they'll be too busy and stressed out~
  5. Happy birthday to you!!! May alllll your wishes come true!!! :D


    Make more JiJoon gifs k hahahaXD

  7. LOL "a guy" That's Daniel from Dalmatian. Anyways, Jiyeonie~ You're so cute! It's good to know she's there supporting her good friend IU I also can't wait to see this show!
  8. I love how versatile Jiyeon is! And she's overflowing with cuteness in this interview. I'm definitely enjoying all the JiJoon in this interview kekekekeke. Joon is soooo sweet to her :3
  9. Oh lol no wonder:P yeh Soyeon is my 2nd biasXD

  10. Oh yea I was looking at my profile and I was confused. My fave member is actually Jiyeon but I don't know why it said Soyeon. lol (but I do like Soyeon too though ^^)

  11. kkk JoonYeon is too long so I prefer JiJoon:P

    oh I notice u jz changed ur fav mem, frm Soyeon to Jiyeon ryt? v(⌒o⌒)v♪

  12. hehe yup!!! :) JOONYEON :)

  13. woots heyo^^ JiJoon cp FTW XD

  14. here is the link to the video http://youtu.be/wEpodZYcuk8 haha so cute when Joon comes back to tell Jiyeon and the staff to go noraebang with him haha
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