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  1. i see.. XD yea i watched it too.. at kbsw XD so fun that i used the tips for my final exam tho.. haha XD it works somehow..haha :)

  2. i see.. well im not hottest after jaypark leave the group..haha ^^ but i love woo young ang ang XD :)

  3. i dont follow khuntoria couple.. so it doesnt matter for me.. haha XD

  4. ouh XD haha... you should have some rest .^^

  5. so so... neither love it or hate it.. most of their song pretty much doesnt make sense sumtimes.. lol. XD you like them dont you ? lol.. but pinocc is diff.. i kinda like the beat tho.. XD

  6. omg!! that anime is a long time ago.. haha.. how cool :) yeah XD ^^

  7. yeap.. :P i like cardcaptor sakura.. .. haha LOL

  8. hahaa.. dream bout what ? hahaa XD :)

  9. err yeah... sumtimes.. you ?

  10. sorry for the typo..XD :) i really want to go to japan... lol.. ^^

  11. hahaa.. in japan they some people often say fight-oh... XD ^^

  12. hahaa.. so how was jungle fish 1 ? good ? XD

  13. hahaa.. i know..shes awesome.. haha XD

  14. im uber good.. hahaa XDD u ? busy huh ? lol..missing you lorrr ^^ :P

  15. hahaa...u dont know ? lol.. its hwaiting. XD

  16. ouh... display picture.. its SNSD Taeyeon..:) thanks...

  17. hahaa.. its about basketball.. lol.. google it.. :P

  18. dp? haha... what is that ?

  19. ouh..haha.. yeap agreed.. XD me too like "slam dunk"..

  20. ouh...so you like anime too ? cool XD lol...

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