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  1. hahaa.. zatch bell ? what kind of show is that ?

  2. lol... im learning japanese language for a while now.. havent graduate yet.. hahaa..so let me finish this first... :) what show are u watchin ?

  3. hahaa.. i want to drop out from this class...

    hahaha.. nvm if i dont graduate.. hahaa XD whatt r u doin ?

  4. aaaahhh.. confuse.. nvm ^^ its complicated.. :P

  5. how is that ? hahaa dont get it.. lol.. what is imo ?

  6. heyhey... can i change my display name ? LOL

  7. f(x) is coming back all!!... watch the teaser here >>>

    ... the beat is killing me... so good ! XD
  8. callate = cayate ? ouh ok tq

  9. thanks for dropping by XD

  10. hahaha.. XD chansung was in there right ? XD

  11. jiwang.org.. XD a lot of movies and dramas from english to asian.. hahaha XD cool

  12. hahaa.. nvm lorr ^^ XD

    how to say "shut up" in spanish.. ?


  13. i think i watched Spanish drama before.. like mis tres hermanas, maria mercedes(cant remember) , rosalinda.. its spanish drama right?

  14. teach me basic spanish like greeting... anything is fine. XD

  15. nope... i downloaded all of it.. should i say i have a lot of free time right now.. dont know what to do.. XD

  16. waahh... u already become a spanish sensei!! XD teach me too.. hahaha :)

  17. hahaha cause im watching j dorama right now.. lol XDD

  18. welcome.. kinda bored and have a lot of free time to search for it.. haha XD enjoy ^^

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