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  1. i found jungle fish eng sub.. want the link ?

  2. i stopped for a while... lol.. XD

  3. hahahaa.. XD.. i will add you... ^^ tq

  4. hahaa.. its too cruel how they killed the teacher.. lol.. XD have u watch jungle fish and soul ?

  5. yeap.. ouh.. haha XD i thought i want to add you.. give me your ssf name.. :)

  6. i want cupcakes!!! :)

    1. foreverjiyeon21


      yeah.. im craving for it right now!!! XD

    2. Sajangnim


      i want eunjung!!!


    3. foreverjiyeon21


      hahaa... she does not want you .. XD >.<"

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  7. hehee :D btw do you have ssf ?

  8. lol..yeap..:) what r u doin right now?

  9. rookies, bambino, i litre of tears, akai ito hana yori, hana kimi... and more. hahaa XD jdorama addict...

  10. hey thanks for the add.. i watched it too but its so cruel and bloody not scary.. haha XD

  11. oh... i watched msoan but then i stopped..a bit boring to me.. lol. XD

  12. ouh i see... what drama have u watched?

  13. good then! do you like kdrama or jdorama ?

  14. really ? lol poor you.. :( im still on holidays. ^^ hahaa

  15. hahaa.. told you so XD ^^ :)

  16. erm notgh really.. just spending time watching j dorama.. haha XD

  17. yes its japanese but thats not my native language.. lol. XD mine is malay. :) never heard right ? kekee

  18. i think u are the that confused.. lol.. of course i know what 'lol' mean... read my previous commt at iwuvt-ara page.. lol.. XDD

  19. lol that also means "long time no see" <<<<<< do you mean by this comment ? lol.. XD hahhaa..

  20. ouh i see.. nope.. i bet you dont know mine either.. haha XD

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