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  1. okay.. lol...where do you live ?

  2. bawang putih and merah, apa rasanya bila popular.. cant remember. watched it when i went to bali... lol

  3. i dont understand and speak that well.. but i do watch indonesian drama sometime..but the episodes is killing me.. haha

  4. lol... i mean im asking what thank you mean in thai..haha :))

  5. malaysia ^^ your neighbour..:)hahaaa

  6. i mean thank you in thai :)

  7. people at this era are soooo freakin rude nowadays.. dont you think ?

    1. foreverjiyeon21


      lol... its fine.. and yeah im having flu.. worse !! lol.. my fever is coming back again.

    2. iwuvt-ara


      i know right..... like its as if they dont have a soul.... but they will learn the hard, way they always do....

    3. foreverjiyeon21


      haha! agreed....XD

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  8. really ? lol :) my first forum was ssf.. kinda active there but on hiatus now..haha :P on diadem for now..ahaha

  9. hahaa.. nvm ^^ rofl.. khob khun ka :)

  10. nope finished already.. waiting for my end year result for Uni. ^^ u ?

  11. i just learn this.. khob khun ka ^^ XD

    1. foreverjiyeon21


      rofl!! just teach me anything.. basic greeting :)

    2. KimchiKoki


      if i were to say how are you there isn't a specific phrase for that you know.

    3. foreverjiyeon21


      hmm.. thats weird..how do you usually greet your friends ?:)

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  12. night ? evening ? how to say f*ck ? lol hahaaa... "wth is wrong with me" kyaaa >.<

  13. rofl.. ahha its okay. cassi is Cassiopeia btw, ^^

  14. u should.. tell me when u have ssf lol..rofl!

  15. hahaa.. i want to know swear word. haha :) jk

    morning ?

  16. yeah.. ahhaa ^^ i got ssf and prismatic..lol

  17. exactly..hye! rofl.!! btw are u a cassi ?

  18. rofl.. im bored now.. hey teach me some thai words.. ^^

  19. ROFL!! haha.. she is the big sister now!! :) lol.. btw do you have other forums acc ?like ssf or 2oneday or wtv..

  20. lol..ic.. mine ? lol.. i dont know why i like her.. maybe i saw her in lies mv when she kiss yoo seung hoo.. rofl!

  21. haha.. lol why did you stop ? rofl

  22. ahhh really. hahaha ^^rofl... sawadee ka XD

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