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  1. rofl.. ahaa yesyes... XD

  2. rofl! hahaa XD hey i know one thai word.. sawadeekap..kyaaa

  3. rofl!! its a secret^^ XD when did u start liking eunjung ?

  4. hahaa.. thats why u need to watch ju on the grudge.. haha one of the best japanese horror movie...^^

  5. i dont really like her but in wgm she and andy are sooo good together.. such a waste they want to stop. lol. hahaa poor him.. he is fine but not my fav pairing too.. rofl

  6. hahaaa.. watch ju on.. its quite scary..lol XD

  7. haha.. really ? im soo in love with alex and shin ae, hyunjung and hwangbo haha and and hwayobi and hwanhee too.. rofl.. you should watch andy and solbi their final episode.. it soo touching.. i cried..hahaa :)

  8. ewww. hahaa ^^ what other movies do you enjoyed watching ?

  9. i know..lol..its horrible...and final destination too :) rofl

  10. haha.. what bout khuntoria ? i like them too...but still i prefer the first season the best.. lol..love all the couple. ^^

  11. hahaa.. yeah.. the way they killed the student is sooo cruel.. hahaha

  12. lol..i close my eyes everytime the student got killed.. hahaa..

  13. rofl.. dont know... its scary, horrible and sometimes disgusting.. lol.. have u watch death bell 2 ?

  14. addicted to japanese drama and movie now.... rofl!!

    1. foreverjiyeon21


      omg!! same here.. lol ^^

    2. kangeunri


      ^^ i collect the comic's ver ..

    3. foreverjiyeon21


      omo! thats cool.hahaa :) *jealous* rofl!!

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  15. hahaa.. same here but horror and thriller ? errr not so much. hahaa :) comedy, romance, mystery (like detective) rofl and also fantasy... heee

  16. lol.. me too ^^ they are cute couple right.. rofl.. hahaa

  17. haha yeah!! btw do you watch wgm?

  18. can u recommend me some ? i want to watch but dont know which to watch.. any good movies or drama ?

  19. same here.. lol.. bored^^ you like japanese movie or drama ?

  20. kyaaa.. what r u doin now ? ^^

  21. variety shows ? rofl..movies ? what kinda of movies?

  22. waaaa!! then what do you watch ? news ? rofl.

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