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  1. watch* sorry.. why? bored ? lol

  2. thanks for stopping by ^^

  3. hahaa..i know. i was like that too when i was still a beginner :) do you japanese movie or drama btw ?

  4. ouhh so right! :)) hahaa waiting for subs is hell tiring. hahaa.. eventho they still work hard.. without them we are lost.. ahhaa

  5. hahaa.. i like games too like sudoku..hahaa ^^ but still trying to do the hard one.. sucks !! ahhaa

  6. i prefer write than read. ahaha :) it will be cool if i can write hangul and kanji.. omo!! *dreamin*

  7. lol... haha well i will try to open it when im free. kyaaa. :) hahaa you like that game ? rofl

  8. yeap me too... im ding to learn japanese and korean right now.. soo bad.. wish i had a tutor.. ^^ kyaaaa >.<.. erm i will post it at ssf. ok.. cant remember the mod's name..

  9. why oh why!!! :( hahaaa.. nvm.. lol..just post it here.. i dont have time to view the game thread.. kyaaa.. hahahaa

  10. lol.. poor hyo >.<" kyaaa.. yeap japanese.. im sooo into japanese movie and drama right now.. hahaa :) "iamsone" i will add you.. wait.. hahahahaa.. and btw u can change it..i changed it too.. not long ago.. rofl

  11. ouh really.. they are bunch of losers.. haha dont mind them.. btw is that the new one ? lol.. i better guess this one .. hwaiting ^^

  12. lol..i am sone forever. haha ^^:) got ssf ? lol mine is sooyoung then taeyeon, sica,hyoyeon,yuri,seohyun,tiffany,yoona and sunny. lol..kyaa .:) gomen..

  13. yeap ^^ i like her too .. act i dont have any jiyeon avatar.. kyaaa .. :P

  14. haha... yeah.. where is it ? lol..

  15. huaaa... i havent guess yet... lol... never heard.. ^^ i thought it was vnt.hahaa :) i did some research tho.. hahaa... waste of time. >.<" hahaaa

  16. hahaa.. i know.. just kidding ^^ :) i wonder what is the song.. lol..

  17. lol..why ? i love snow. wish it snow here ^^ haha

  18. yes it is. haha ^^ how cool :P

  19. ahh ic.. whats cool about your country ? i love travel ^^

  20. haha.. japanese horror movie.. kinda cool and scary.haha ..http://www.obscurehorror.com/ju-on.jpg

  21. have u watch ju on ? haha i want to watch so bad but lol im scared. hahaa ^^

  22. haha.. y ? go do sumthing fun^^ where are u from ?

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