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  1. are t-ara coming to LA hollywoord bowl to performance because im going there
  2. No No eunjung injured her left kneecap give her more time to rest help she get well fast give them more time to rest love you eunjung
  3. yea we having L.A. hollywood bowl concert (USA) this year april and hople t-ara will come to performance
  4. eunjung is the best and hope t-ara gets better luck this year Eunjung Hwaiting
  5. t-ara come to california L.A. and performance for hollywood bowl love you t-ara
  6. more pic of Jiyeon in dream high 2 and i really enjoy it fighting Jiyeon
  7. i want to watch their performance live at least once i wish t-ara can come to USA and do a live performance t-ara fightting we love you
  8. love t-ara Roly-Poly, Cry Cry, We Were In Love and Lovey-Dovey song they good song hope t-ara promotions in the USA fightting t-ara
  9. Congrats T-ara! Wow these girls will earn more money 1 billion won T-ara fightting
  10. Can't wait to see the video. I like the idea dressing them the same when is the video coming out
  11. t-ara deserve a longer vacation love all t-ara song fighting
  12. t-ara's eunjung take care yourself hope the injured is not that bad eunjung get well
  13. the poster look nice hope they make movie
  14. that good they get to switch to the leader. Hyomin did a great job and I think Soyeon will be terrific
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