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  1. lol..is not a show.. its a jap movies.. korean japanese movie.. :) so good. you too...ganbatte !!

  2. Haha. Nope never heard of that show >__< Sorry for late reply? I'm busy now a days ^__^ Hwaiting then.

  3. nah.. its okay. haha.. busy schooling right ? haha.. im watching japanese movie right now.. have u heard virgin snow ? lol

  4. Hey! Long Time No Chat! Sorry If I haven't talk to you for a while

  5. lol... just working and sumtimes watching kdrama if im bored.haha :)) where did you always on when u are on diadem ? :PP

  6. HAH'! O___O 1000.. That's alot and funny! Hyomin Hyomin Hyomin.. Such a funny girl! I wonder if Jiyeon or soyeon can beat her! bwhaha! They have alot of friends tooxD
  7. Oh yeah.. I see O__O' Lol okay sorry for the late reply and the slow reactions i have been having lately..Lol I'm doing AWESOME! Lately.. Kehehe;) But not that.. No I'm good.. What about you? Oh and me.. Just on Tumblr and diadem.

  8. you said u have twitter and a Tumblr.. and i said i dont have both.hahaha :) .. okok...what r u doin btw ?

  9. haha...just wondering :))..ouh ic... i dont have both of them tho ^^ :P

  10. Welcome to TiaraDiadems! I noticed you like the two couples.. O__O Taecyeon and Eunjung!^^ Hwaiting then!~

  11. Hey! Thanks for visting my Page! I hope we can be great friends! Thanks again! Buh-Bye!~

  12. Aeygo.. Yes Cute Maden! I'm doing good! What about you? Hah';)

  13. yes, maden is so cute XD. How are you?

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