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  1. Haha. Nope never heard of that show >__< Sorry for late reply? I'm busy now a days ^__^ Hwaiting then.

  2. Hey! Long Time No Chat! Sorry If I haven't talk to you for a while

  3. Oh yeah.. I see O__O' Lol okay sorry for the late reply and the slow reactions i have been having lately..Lol I'm doing AWESOME! Lately.. Kehehe;) But not that.. No I'm good.. What about you? Oh and me.. Just on Tumblr and diadem.

  4. Welcome to TiaraDiadems! I noticed you like the two couples.. O__O Taecyeon and Eunjung!^^ Hwaiting then!~

  5. Hey! Thanks for visting my Page! I hope we can be great friends! Thanks again! Buh-Bye!~

  6. Aeygo.. Yes Cute Maden! I'm doing good! What about you? Hah';)

  7. Oh gosh.. Love your new Siggy Candy ^__^

  8. LOL,Yes;) Lol ur so funny, That siggy and putting down ur 99 years old ^__^ Halirious you ^__^

  9. Hehe;) Yes and thanks;]


  10. Yeah..LOL, We always talk on the shoutboz.. Sometimes I'm too busy, But usally yes.. Yes, I'll fly by often! Fighting!~

  11. Hello! Welcome to TiaraDiadems! If You have Any problems or questions feel free to ask me! Thanks!^^ and happy new year!~

  12. LOL! Hi i hope we can be friends..LOL i love ur siggy..LOL it cracks me up ^_^

  13. Happy Birthday! And love your Jiyeon pic's;D

  14. Anyeong! Welcome to TiaraDiadems! If you have any problems or questions feel free to ask me! Thanks!^^ Happy New Year too!

  15. Hello! Welcome to TiaraDiadem! If You have any problems or questions feel free to ask me! Thanks!^^~ And Happy New Year!

  16. Oh.. Ohkay then? Lol Just "Follow me Follow Me"~ Lol On twitter;D

  17. Lol! Yes! Thanks again? Oh yeah.. I just forgot what u type O__O I'll fly by then;D

  18. @HeJaeTfreak

    I think that's it..LOL;] I used my friends email to make it..Like a week ago or so..LOL;D Fighting then ^_^

  19. For fun?! Lol I would love to share my T-ara things too..LOL But idk Where to find them..LOL Fighting then!!XD

  20. Hi! Hehe;] I love the pictures you post up in tumblr;] Just wanted to thank you ^__^

  21. Oh more jung's photo's?Hah' My friends just send me pictures of her or i'll go search on google or on diadem O__O and yes.. HER INJURY T^T

  22. LOL Yes i have a twitter ^__^ And yes Shinee and afterschool and Yes, Hehe;]

  23. Yes I listine to other groups Like idk ALOT!XD Hah' Yes, I'm a huge Kpop freakXD WBY? O_O

  24. Hehe;] Yes NEW! Unnie Suzuki.. I wish to be your new dongsaeng.. Hmm Dongsaeng;] Hah' Thanks by the way~ Hwaiting!^^

  25. Hehe;] Yes.. THE US!!! Woohoo!~<3 Hah' Yeah Excited but also worried for our Jung O__O I hope she recovers soon ^__^ JUNG HWAITING!!!!!

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