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  1. Haha. Nope never heard of that show >__< Sorry for late reply? I'm busy now a days ^__^ Hwaiting then.

  2. Hey! Long Time No Chat! Sorry If I haven't talk to you for a while

  3. HAH'! O___O 1000.. That's alot and funny! Hyomin Hyomin Hyomin.. Such a funny girl! I wonder if Jiyeon or soyeon can beat her! bwhaha! They have alot of friends tooxD
  4. Oh yeah.. I see O__O' Lol okay sorry for the late reply and the slow reactions i have been having lately..Lol I'm doing AWESOME! Lately.. Kehehe;) But not that.. No I'm good.. What about you? Oh and me.. Just on Tumblr and diadem.

  5. Welcome to TiaraDiadems! I noticed you like the two couples.. O__O Taecyeon and Eunjung!^^ Hwaiting then!~

  6. Hey! Thanks for visting my Page! I hope we can be great friends! Thanks again! Buh-Bye!~

  7. Aeygo.. Yes Cute Maden! I'm doing good! What about you? Hah';)

  8. Oh gosh.. Love your new Siggy Candy ^__^

  9. Aeygo!!!!! Glad to See Eunjung again!! So Kute!! I love sponshorships! It's so.. NATURAL..LOL;D Omo.. Everyone looks so pretty! LOVE EM LOVE EM LOVE EM;D T-ara Jijang Hwaiting!~
  10. Bwhaha! Hyomin must of been bored.. Never mind.. T-ara does funny things anyways ^__^ Bwhaha! Love her!! I wish Eunjung would keep taking pictures too! Love It Love it ^__^ Hyomin +T-ara Fighting~
  11. Hulimitating? WHA?>!!! Who did this?!! CUZ THIS IS SO ADORKABLE! Muahah! I Love this news! She sleeps just so kute!! Like a Baby!! Oh gosh.. I wanna pincho those >.< I wonder who posted these up and i wonder who would do that O__O Maybe Jiyeon? Haha! So kute though.. T-ara Junggie! Fighting!!~
  12. Omo!~ Love this! Boram so kute! But.. Where's my Jiyeon and Eunjung? T__T I wish they were there.. Now they both busy and so is T-ara.. They always going out every day now ^___^ So proud of them!! T-ara LOVE Fighting~
  13. Aeygo!! T-ara LOVES Food ^___^ They would of been just eating it not tasting.. (LOL!) But yes.. More free food Yay! But chyeah.. T-ara fighting!
  14. AEYGO.... My Junggie~! She's so kute!! AHHH! Kute Kute.. Love this so much! Uhm, I HER!!! Muhaha! I watched this first episode it was so kute and thanks again for posting this up at Diadem since i already saw this ^___^ So kute.... Aeygo.. Junggie ADORKABLE Hwaiting!~
  15. I Was So... Wondering about this too ^____^ Hmphh.. I wonder about T-ara debut in Japan! I wonder when! But I'm really excited but I'll be patient because like the CCM'S They cannot rush T-ara.. and.. Yay! The 5th girl group to debut in japan!! It's awesome! They'll become more popular.. I'm probrabley thinking that they'll go to japan once done with movies and other stuff.I'm also wondering if they'll go back and forth O__O T-ara fighting! Can't wait for T-ARA~
  16. Thahah!~ Ahww.. Don't worry! You're all pretty REALLY SKINNY! Or Fat;D Oh gosh.. I loe to eat too and somehow I still look pretty (Just saying) [lol] and yes.. Food.. IS GOOD FOR YOU! T-ara Keep eating food but stay slim! T-ara fighting!
  17. Ahww.. THAT'S SO KUTE! Maden.. That Baby ^____^ Kehehe!~ Love it! They all wearing Hanbok's! Kute Kute...
  18. I Have Thought is this too ^__^ I think Our jung is the only Best actress in 'Dream High' [No offence] But yeah! Love her style and acting in here!! So adorakable! Eunjung Fighting!~ Can't wait to wacth this drama!
  19. Eunjung just keeps looking at the camera huh? LOL Too kute! Aeygo!~
  20. OMO!!!~ I really really love.. THE LAST PICTURE!!! ^______^!!~<3 That gave me a heart attack me while scrolling down the page and then see Soyeon and Boram KISS!! Oh gosh to kute!! Omo My soyeon and Boram now they really good couples! Hehe;] Can't belive.. Boram cheated on Qri unnie! Hah' Well Congrat'z to her too.. Really proud of her! Hah'! Love the pictures! Hehe;) Glad Co-ed was there to support too! Waitinf for this Musical to come out! Boram+T-ara Fighting!
  21. O_______O' THEY ARE SO KUTE! (lol) Love the pictures! Soyeon and Hyomin Looks Professional! Hehe;) So and Too kute too! Aeygo! T-ara fighting!~
  22. Thahaha!~ Love this! Eunjung SO KUTE!! Really love it and.. Woohoo triangle love going on (In the drama and outside the real world) No [j/k] Love it though! Glad to see our Jung~ AGAIN!! Jung+T-ara+Dream High FIGHTING!;]
  23. Ahhh!! My Eunjung!! Glad to see her again! Hehe;) Love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! Kheheh! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!~
  24. Omo! Hehe;] This is so cool! Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures! They so kute!! ^__^ T-ara fighting!
  25. LOL,Yes;) Lol ur so funny, That siggy and putting down ur 99 years old ^__^ Halirious you ^__^

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