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  1. Frankly,I was not suprised.She is a video editor,a model,a dancer,a singer,a stylist as well as having to go on variety shows.Not to forget they have to go japan frequently.I hope she gets her well deserved rest.I am so worried for her:(
  2. I am not interested in learning the choreo.I am moer interested in seeing the BTS of T-ara back at their dorm,in their normal outfits and with their mentor
  3. ahh hyominnie is our leader!Totally didnt expect it haha.She is like the kid in the group with jiyeon,cant imagine her ordering the unnies around O.O
  4. I am anticipating!But I do hope that they will eventually go back to Lies,Like the beginning,TTL days.THose songs are the bomb!
  5. I miss them so fast already!I swear next time they come,I MUST receive them at airport
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