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    No matter what happen, I will continue to support T-ara because I like what they do as entertainers. What they do in real life doesn't really matter to me because I'm more into their talents and music. I wish people could let it go the Hwayoung scandal in the past and try to love T-ara again because these girls really deserve more than what they received during the past two years. They come with good songs but people ignore them. I'm just happy that at least Japan continue to support and love them.
  2. Can't wait to watch the teaser video. But to be honest I don't really like what she did to her hair.
  3. I'm curious about her solo debut. Her style seems to be a total opposite to Jiyeon...more street and boyish.
  4. Poor Jiyeon....this solo debut really meets bad timing. So much money and yet things can't be shown because of the controversial. Korean people are sensitive and it is better to be careful.
  5. Solin

    [14.05.09] Jiyeon

    Sexy Jiyeon ? I can't wait to see that lol.
  6. These past year was very hard and I hope they could soon win back the love from mass public and regain the place they hold before the controversies. However, I must say that I don't like their statement saying its like a re-debut because it is unfair to Hwayoung and Areum. T-ara should keep their long history in mind with the good and bad moments.
  7. I knew that there was something wrong about their American advancement. First, It was too sudden and KKS shouldn't send them to the U.S. without any preparation or defined plan. I think KKS was so happy to be contacted by Chris Brown that he though things would come easy. Then, as usual, CCM likes to exagerate facts in media and it always ends by affecting T-ara in the public eyes. I hate CCM management !
  8. Wonder what Areum is preparing in secret ! I really wish to see her back on stage and know a successful carrer as soloist.
  9. Number 9 is a good song with really nice vocal. I love the choregraphy a lot. Can't wait to watch the MV !
  10. They all look great. Can't wait to hear this new mini album.
  11. Just listened to the 2nd teaser and it is really promising. It feels club mix with retro sound...and I like it already.
  12. Seeing T-ara doing well in Japan always makes me be a good mood. I just realize now that it has been already 1 year since 'Sexy Love'...can't wait to see them back on stage.
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