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  1. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing! I love their costume!
  2. I just hope i could come to the museum! I will miss IY on KBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. YEH! SOYEON HAS AN ANGELIC FACE!!! OMG! Who can resist that smile?
  4. OMG! BORAM! Even being as the eldest she really has a angelic and young face!
  5. HAHAHAHAH even just in a picture she looks funny. Hope i could watch the whole episode
  6. A very nice show! Hope they can eng sub them all soon MORE POWER!
  7. Tnx for sharing! Where can i watch it with eng subs? Looks like they had s great time!
  8. Hope she come back so they would me now 8 of them! What's the twitter of Jiwon?
  9. Soyeon is soooo beautiful!
  10. Liege Lord


  11. Liege Lord


    Hyomin is a heart stopper!
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