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  1. All of them look amazing...Jiyeon Thanks for the pictures! It's much appreciated
  2. Aww, I thought they were going to include Round and Round into the repackage, guess not
  3. I was expecting some sort of delay honestly, but not one this long. Oh well, I'll still wait in excitement and you're right Peacemaker, I guess it was a good decision to postpone
  4. Seeing Jiyeon performing with her knee like that hurts me a lot I hope she can recover quick and take a good rest...
  5. These girls have such a busy schedule... First Jiyeon and now Hyomin...hope she recovers... I wish they could have a vacation and relax
  6. Wow, what a change of concept, can't wait for this album, just a few weeks till it drops! And then right after T-ara's going to debut in Japan! What a busy schedule ahead of them...
  7. Jiyeon's Japanese skills are great in that drama! Her acting has really improved too! Can't wait for their Japanese promotions, and I hope Jiyeon has a great birthday
  8. Man, I wish I was that good at Starcraft to go to the GSL and see T-ara Looks live they've been doing a lot of CFs and promotional events lately, I hope their schedule isn't too packed
  9. This Bad Girl Good Girl performance by them is gonna be sweet! I can't wait to see Jiyeon and IU in it.... I need to watch this when the episode airs...haha, but I'm kinda sad that Heroes is coming to an end
  10. With or without eyeliner, Jiyeon is gorgeous. But without eyeliner, she looks more cute and innocent than with it, and there is a slight difference in her appearance
  11. Yay, the song looks good so far, Hyomin's looking very cute in it. Hopefully only the chorus is auto tuned, I'd prefer if the song wasn't all auto-tune. The chorus is catchy though.
  12. Hyomin as well as all the other T-ara members are "Beautiful Girls" indeed. Can't wait for the new single..Im sure its gonna be great. Brave Brothers and T-ara seem like they work well together.
  13. Yeah, I don't think Seungri didn't care and was just enjoying himself But still, it's nice that Hyomin thought of this and apologized, even though it wasn't needed. It just shows how responsible and mature she is
  14. How nice for Hyomin to be so supportive even though SeeYa is gone now, so caring... Sad to see such a good group disband.
  15. Oooh another single! T-ara collaborating with Brave Brothers sounds awesome Can't wait for February 10th
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