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  1. RT @soompi: #T_ara's Eunjung Joins Song Ji Hyo, Park Shi Hoo, And Highlight's Lee Gikwang In New Drama https://t.co/GgrEo1tRFw https://t.co…

  2. RT @masterofmelons: I thought they were the same person #sunbyung https://t.co/b4Ubtg7I39

  3. @bluepills_0820 where are you?! I miss you

  4. RT @SannyThazin: so funny ?? but their face still cute ? #Jiyeon #Hyojoon #Twitch https://t.co/htcO8Cwgoj

  5. This korean restaurant’s name made me smile. Made my delusional heart happy:) https://t.co/l10BZ42udR

  6. RT @9GAG: Attack on Titan Season 3 Trailer Confirms Premiere Date And More Bloodbath https://t.co/p0yRYmIW8y https://t.co/ls49ZMNA1b

  7. RT @craZy18gurl: THERE WE GO https://t.co/H8BDY8WgYt

  8. RT @tiaradiadem: The title of Jiyeon's OST for KBS Queen of Mystery is Way Back Home and will feature her brother Hyojoon! https://t.co/KNG…

  9. RT @chaebinseu: was looking through jayjun's ig feed and suddenly found hyomin meeting drew barrymore skdjfksd "you're SO gorgeous" https:/…

  10. RT @9GAG: Indomie Mi Goreng chips exist and you can get them https://t.co/EGEzQ8ZUyY https://t.co/3oj2k7IDF6

  11. RT @pannchoa: Knets fire back at Naver commenter claiming that T-ara was jealous of Hwayoung https://t.co/E2NbLD3k24 https://t.co/dRXkrWn6JD

  12. ? https://t.co/89rQ0oiDa8

  13. RT @imdubread: 개기월식 https://t.co/yV9JSsTqvi

  14. And it happened https://t.co/HALgvzIv9n

  15. RT @h0tmez: “This person really lucks out every time and gets buried whenever she has a scandal… I want proper investigation this time and…

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