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    Melons reacted to craZy in [DOWNLOAD] T-error Adventures: Cake Day + Special Giveaway Event!   
    New to what T-error Adventures is? Give this a read first!


    After many months in production, we're proud to release the first mini game in an Exclusive series by Diadem, T-error Adventures: Cake Day!

    Help Boram through a strange predicament by recruiting the members of T-ara. They won't come along so easily though. Think your way through to rally up the members in this fun point-and-click adventure minigame!

    Share: http://bit.ly/tiaracakeday

    System Requirements:
    Windows 7 or below
    Possible full screen/windowed mode issue in Windows 8

    Download the game rar. Before starting, run WinSetup and change any settings
    according to your preference (everything is optimal by default.) Set game to
    Windowed mode for optimal display. Run T-error.exe to play. If the game doesn't
    run, check to see if your antivirus is blocking it. This application is virus free, any
    reports is a false-positive.

    While we we work on amending bugs, please take note on the followings:
    - Qir's puzzle can be bypassed if one item is clicked 4 times. Please avoid doing this so you may properly solve the puzzle.
    - If you are unable to pick up the Rilakkuma, try click on various spots on it (most successful is at it's ear).

    Download: T-error Adventures: Cake Day Wallpaper Set


    T-error Adventures Special Giveaway

    In celebration of the release of our very first game, we are holding a special giveaway event! The prizes?

    An exclusive CD of the game, exclusive T-ara cards by Diadem (randomized member) and T-ara's official 2014 calendar!

    - How to enter: leave a comment within this thread sharing your thoughts on the game or ideas for this project series in general
    - To enter the giveaway, you must have 10 spam-free posts
    - One entry per person. Duplicate accounts will lead to a disqualification

    This giveaway will run till January 20th. The lucky winner will be announced on our Twitter.


    We're very happy to finally come to this day, however this is just a very small beginning. Due to our rather tiny team (2 people only) and limited resources, this is only a mini-game featuring limited playable characters. We have many great ideas already for our future games though and as well hope to take on more team members. To motivate and prepare us for our next project, please do provide as much feedback as you can. The results of this 'test phase' so to say will help us determine whether we will continue with this project series or not (we very much would love to though!)

    News, and applications to join the team, regarding the next game will go up after a short time.

    For now, enjoy the game everyone! Please report any bugs/errors you may encounter. We will amend them and update the game. In regards to adding the other members as playable characters, though we'd love to, we cannot guarantee it as right now it would be more efficient for us to allocate our time to the next project (one that involve all the members as playable characters) instead.
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    Melons reacted to Elly in 2nd Recruitment of T-ara's Official Fanclub: QUEEN's Notice (in English)   
    Taken from T-ara's Official Fancafe, here is the Official Notice translated into English.

    Please do not take out without credits. Do not edit, or crop.

    Any questions can be directed via my Twitter or by replying to this thread.

    For a tutorial on how to sign up for an account at Yes24.com, please click here.

    Additional Disclaimers

    ** If you are a foreigner living overseas, you must send in/pay for the extra shipping cost in order to receive the special goods. Please register (I assume on Yes24) to see more information on how to get the goods.
    ** Benefit #8 will only apply to those with Korean numbers and cannot be sent to those with no cellular phones and/or to numbers that reside overseas. We apologize for this and hope you can understand.
    ** After joining, please note that Administrative work (on the fancafe) will start only after 7PM on October 8th. Please do wait until after October 8th at 7PM to see any changes in your account after finishing your sign up.

    Credits: fant-ara + Elly (English Translation) at Diadem Forums

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    Melons reacted to Elly in 2nd Recruitment of T-ara's Official Fanclub: QUEEN's Notice (in English)   
    Note: CCM has arranged an English site from where you can register and purchase your ticket. You may skip the Yes24.com Korean registration.


    After you have made your order, remember to post a confirmation screenshot and your address and daum ID on the daum cafe in the 2기모집 가입인증 board.

    Yes24 Ticket's payment procedure will not work on Mac. You must use Windows.


    How to Make an Account on Yes24

    Click 회원가입 on the top right of the website. Check this box. Agree to the terms. Select the 해외거주 회원 (Foreigner) option like so. Enter your name in Hangeul beside (한글이름), and then enter your First Name and Last Name where it prompts you. You can obtain your name in Hangeul by going to Google Translate and going from English -> Korean Click 회원가입 button. Entering Your Information (In Order)
    아이디 (ID) - Enter your desired username. Make sure to click this to confirm that your name is usable. 비밀번호 (Password) - Enter your desired password. You can use up to 6-20 characters and numbers including special characters. 비밀번호 확인 (Confirm Password) - Confirm your password and make sure it matches the previous field. 이름 (Name) - This is the Korean name you entered from the previous page. 영문 이름 (English Name) - Your name in first and last name format, as you entered previously. 성별 (Gender) - 남 for Male and 여 for Female 생년월일 - Birthday in format YYYY/MM/DD; 양력 for Gregorian Calendar and 음력 for Lunar Calendar 이메일 수신여부 (Contact Email) - Put your email address here. At the bottom, check and uncheck the stuff you want to receive emails for. Click 수시하기 않겠습니다 to unsubscribe to all kinds of emails from Yes24. 국적 (Country) - Input your country. 주소 (Address) - Put your address in English. Your zip code goes in the two small boxes. 필수 전화번호 (Contact Number) - Please input at least one phone number. They need this for shipping reasons. The rest of the fields are optional. Click 확인 to Confirm. Voila! You have an account on Yes24 and you're ready to purchase a membership to T-ara's Official Fanclub! How to Make a Purchase
    Enter the product page and click this button to add the item to your cart. Click on your cart link on the top. With the product selected, click this button to proceed to checkout. You will be asked to install a plugin before you can continue, click ok. On the next page, the download for the plugin should automatically start (click this if it doesn't.) They are completely safe to install. Once you have installed the plugin, return to your cart and click the blue button again. The text in purple shows the final cost (it will change as you choose your shipping as well.) 구분 (Category) - Select the third option for international delivery. 배송지 (Delivery) - The first option lets you choose an address previously used. The second allows you to enter a new address. Select the second option 새로입력. Enter your address as followed (in English). Select your shipping choice (EMS or DHL). Enter the recipient name and telephone number. 신용카드 (Credit Card) - Choose the third option 해외발급신용카드 for international issued card. Leave the second and third part. From the drop down box, choose your card provider (Visa, Mastercard, JCB.) Check this box to agree to the terms. On the right hand side, above the blue button, check this box after you have reconfirmed your info and agree to make the purchase. Click the blue button to make your purchase. If you are asked to install any further plugin, install them first to proceed (you may need to go back and fill in your info again.) You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase. Purchase your T-ara fan club membership from here: http://ticket.yes24.com/Pages/English/Perf/FnPerfDeail.aspx?IdPerf=16225
    Please do not take out of Diadem Forums. Keep credits in tact. Any questions can be directed towards @fabyeolus or @craZy18gurl on Twitter or by replying to this thread.

    Please be patient with us if you have any questions. We will reply as soon as we can.

    Credits: craZy + Elly at Diadem Forums
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    Melons reacted to Elly in Layout #10: Prism   
    After months of hard work, we're thrilled to release our newest layout, Prism! I'm quite happy and excited about launching this as it's been a while since the last time I've been actively part of designing a layout. It's a different look for Diadem overall, it's sharper and cleaner. We wanted this layout to be reminiscent of our very first layout by using Diadem's signature blue-green colour, as found in our subs.
    As our previous layout, the Header showcases a random T-ara member when you load up the page. We also changed up the overall arrangement of our RSS table, and have consolidated all the Media Updates (Photos, Subbed Videos, etc) within one tab. Our Video Section is also back up and running.
    A big thank you to Z and Mark for designing this layout with me.
    We hope you'll like the layout!
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    Melons reacted to nathaniel in [13.08.08] Latest Info - Eunjung to MC JIFF ceremony with Joo Jihoon   
    [13.08.08] Latest Info - Eunjung to MC JIFF ceremony with Joo Jihoon

    Eunjung and Joo Jihoon will be the MCs for the 9th Annual Jucheon International Film Festival. It will be on the 14th of August and features the best actors and directors.

    They will also have a duet at the opening ceremony.


    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130808n06453

    Credit: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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    Melons reacted to maknae23 in [13.06.15] Video HD - Boram @ Wooram's Family Camp Ep 1   
    [13.06.15] Video HD - Boram @ Wooram's Family Camp Ep 1

    Part 1


    Part 2


    Part 3


    Part 4



    Credit: 뚜 껑 @ youtube

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    Melons got a reaction from Dognybba in [PICS] T-ara N4 in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool Party (06/01)   
    [PICS] T-ara N4 in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool Party (06/01)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2036-palms-pool-party-las-vegas-0526/

    CREDIT: pipam + tiaradiadem.com
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    Melons got a reaction from tuguming in [PICS] T-ara N4 in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool Party (06/01)   
    [PICS] T-ara N4 in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool Party (06/01)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2036-palms-pool-party-las-vegas-0526/

    CREDIT: pipam + tiaradiadem.com
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    Melons got a reaction from Trancis in [PICS] T-ara N4 in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool Party (06/01)   
    [PICS] T-ara N4 in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool Party (06/01)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2036-palms-pool-party-las-vegas-0526/

    CREDIT: pipam + tiaradiadem.com
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    Melons reacted to Elly in General Forum Rules   
    Tiaradiadem Official General Rules
    Please take time to read and understand these rules as well as you can to avoid trouble with the staff.

    Please take heed that these are only general rules. Although some rules might not be specified here as you would expect, please take into consideration what you post and share at your discretion. Please be mature and nice to everyone and all will be good.

    01. No bashing, sexist, racist, or generally hateful messages to anyone (especially to T-ara).
    - Be respectful to everyone. Anyone who doesn't abide to this rule will be taken care of by the admin accordingly. Do not post or send anyone rude comments and messages.
    - This includes inappropriate messages and remarks on signatures and avatars.
    - If you happen to recieve a hateful or offensive comment from someone, it is your right to report it to a staff member because that member disobeyed the rules and should be punished.
    - Others can have different opinions and views than yours, but don't be rude or harsh to them about it.
    - Bashing other groups are not allowed as well.
    - Do not bash T-ara, if you hate them, get out of here.

    02. No pornographic or sexually profane or explicit material will be posted or discussed of in this facility.
    - You know what I mean. There are members in this forum who might be of minor age, please understand it.

    03. No spamming.
    - Spamming is the act of posting a message (replies or topics) that:

    1) are irrelevant to the thread or the general concept of the forum.
    2) are less than 10 words.
    3) are double, or more, posts (double posting will only be permitted after 48 hours or no new reply and if the post if of relevant content.)
    4) are copy + pasted messages over various threads.
    The staff members will correct your post count and remove double posts.
    Staff have the right to deem what's considered spam and not spam based on their individual judgment.

    04. External linking will be moderated, certain are prohibited.
    - Links to other sites, blogs, or pages will be moderated. Links to illegal downloads, junk sites or anything of controversial nature are extremely prohibited.
    - If you are unsure if a link you wish to share will be permitted, ask a Moderator first.

    05. Do not quote images and flash materials.
    - If you are quoting a reply/post that contains embedded or image material, please remove them from the quote. There are people out here that have a difficult time using this forum because it will take forever to load. Please be considerate.

    06. Double-accounts are strictly prohibited.
    - Do not make double-accounts. If we catch you, we will ban you immediately.

    07. All topics and replies should all be in English.
    - Please keep all topics and replies in English, although we are fully aware that not all of us here can speak English perfectly, please do try hard. Don't worry, we won't kill you for your bad English.

    08. D0 nOt TyP3 L!k3 Th!$.
    - Don't. It's really annoying. Use the alphabet.

    09. Signature Rules:
    - Please keep all signature banners to a maximum width of 400px and maximum height of 150px.
    - There is to be a maximum of 4 lines of text in your signatures. You don't have to write a sonnet for your signature.
    - No more than 3 types of graphics in your signature (blinkies, icons, and banners). You are restricted to only one animated graphic in your signature.
    - All images collectively should not go over 400KB.

    10. Avatar Rules:
    - Keep all avatars to a size of 100x100.

    11. Please take into consideration the rules in the other forums.
    - All forums have separate rules and regulations.

    12. Do not post photos from the following fansites.
    - This rule is being imposed as of January of 2013. Photos from Eunchannet, Hyomdot, Jingdot, Cheondot, Qulwang and Meldot, are not allowed in respect to their policies. Please also refrain from editing their photos and sharing them on the forums.

    Failure to abide in these rules will result in a warning or ban where necessary. Please follow these and we'll all be happy.
    If you find someone breaking the rules or are being subject to harassment, please contact a Moderator or Admin immediately.
    Tiaradiadem Forums
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    Melons reacted to craZy in [13.05.17] Quick Info - Qri, Boram & Soyeon to debut as sub unit QBS in Japan. "Like The Wind" to be released June 26   
    [13.05.17] Quick Info - Qri, Boram & Soyeon to debut as sub unit QBS in Japan. "Like The Wind" to be released June 26

    Qri, Boram and Soyeon's Japan sub unit will be named QBS. Their debut track, 風のように (Like The Wind) will be released June 26th and will feature a Music Video as well.



    1. Like The Wind

    2. Like The Wind (instrumental)


    Like The Wind Music Video


    Source: http://www.emimusic.jp/artist/t-ara/?action=news&id=13410

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    Melons reacted to craZy in [OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10)   
    [OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10)

    CREDIT: CCM Official Site + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    Melons reacted to nathaniel in [13.04.09] T-ara's hip-hop unit.. Hyomin caught shopping with stylist in Japan   
    [13.04.09] T-ara's hip-hop unit.. Hyomin caught shopping with stylist in Japan

    Girl group T-ara will return. However, first four members will comeback in a unit. Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum will star in T-ara's first unit. The song is called "Rural Life" but other than that, the precise concept, activity period and comeback direction is all mysterious.

    The title of the song makes it seem like the song will be retro. The song title reminiscent of T-ara's previous "old style" song concept. At the end of a long controversy, T-ara will attempt to show their colors once again.

    "Dispatch" covered their recent unit. On the 6th, Hyomin was immersed in shopping in downtown Tokyo with a stylist. She was in Omotesando, Harajuku and Shibuya searching for the perfect style.

    Hyomin and the stylist chose unexpected items including colorful necklaces, wide-brimmed hats, etc.. At the end, a retro concept looked like a hip-hop concept. T-ara is preparing for a hip-hop warrior concept for their new song.

    - Hyomin directly purchased costumes for T-ara's unit

    T-ara's fashionista Hyomin turned into a stylist. On behalf of the other members, Hyomin directly bought items for the unit. Hyomin was focused while in the luxury shop La Foret in Shibuya.

    Previously, Hyomin aided help in the "Roly-Poly" stage costumes. An official said, "Hyomin's extraordinary insight into styles and clothing was seen when T-ara operated a shopping mall during their debut. The members trust Hyomin will do a good job."

    Hyomin was attentive while picking out the costumes. Hyomin was looked for everything from earrings, neckalces, shoes, hats and all the requirements needed for activity and made various purchases.

    Hyomin sought out the advice of the employees and stylists and even asked for the opinion of the fans she met at the store.

    - Shopping scenario? Back to hip-hop!

    Most of the items Hyomin bought were reminiscent of hip-hop. With figure-hugging clothes and loose jumpers in unique styles. She also bought gaudy accessories and unique framed sunglasses and necklaces with a variety of decorations.

    Dispatch observed Hyomin and Hyomin's direction was similar to Big Bang and Lady Gaga's. Hyomin is going for a more unconventional and experimental style of attraction.

    The unit's concept can usually be inferred through the stage costumes. Already known that it's retro, but the overall style is that of "hip-hop". There seems to be a big gap between the two. The stage performance can be looked forward to because the choreography and song will have a powerful and intense hook.

    - More than 20 people as back-up dancers? Powerful and hip-hop?

    T-ara is loved for their easy-to-follow point choreography. However, this unit will be Brand New from head-to-toe. Hyomin began implying the transformation when she was shopping. The differentiation with hip-hop hats and colorful jumpers is the start.

    It's expected that each member will be dressed based on their personality. The choreography will be bold. They also are expected to take full advantage of hand and foot-work.

    T-ara's transformation can be confirmed by the dance team. For the stage choreography, a four person unit will be joined by 20 back-dancers. The point is the choreography, but the overall style will be completely different. An official said it's too early to release the specific concept.

    A unique combination of members will make up T-ara's unit. Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung showed off their masculine dance moves during their Japanese tour. At the very least, the unit is likely to take a "cute and youthful" twist to a radically unconventional concept.

    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130409n11085
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Melons reacted to craZy in [PICS] T-ara @ KBS Let's Go Dream Team Filming (03/21) - UPDATE (300+ pics)   
    [PRESS] T-ara @ KBS Let's Go Dream Team Filming (03/21)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/1967-lets-go-dream-team-filming-032013/

    CREDIT: Yan.vn + kenh14 + Tiin + iOne + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

    185 photos and more already on the way!

    Update: 326 pics~

    Update 2: 352~

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    Melons reacted to Elienore in [13.01.22] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Just friends talking about friends, not celebrities"   
    Well, everything was explained this time.
    Fast and reasonably too.
    Did CCM get a new PR boss or something?
    Meanwhile, I doubt netizens will believe it, but its nice to see such a prompt reaction.
    Also, that Sso picture is awesome.
    Kinda odd to casually gossip with each other on a public place, which Kakaostory thingiemajingabob apparently is.
    EDIT; Fixed something.
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    Melons reacted to nathaniel in [13.01.01] Hyomin, "Forever sorry to our fans... Deeply thought about how to express myself"   
    [13.01.01] Hyomin, "Forever sorry to our fans... Deeply thought about how to express myself"

    Hyomin, "Forever sorry to our fans... Deeply thought about how to express it"
    T-ara's Hyomin has transformed into a tomboy for a dreamy winter pictorial.
    With falling snowflakes surrounding her, Hyomin poses in a dreamlike setting for a pictorial in the fashion magazine InStyle January edition. In the pictorial, Hyomin displays her romantic and glamorous style with various patterns of clothing, neutral themed pants and lovely accessories.
    An official from InStyle magazine praised Hyomin saying, "Hyomin did remarkably well presenting a dreamlike and alluring appearance in her photoshoot."
    In an interview, Hyomin revealed her thoughts and said, "I realize and feel how valuable the position I have is now. Looking back, beside me and in front of me was always family and friends who helped me step by step progress towards growing and reaching a more mature appearance.
    Hyomin also revealed how grateful she is for her fans and found a way to express her true sincerity in her feelings. The warm interview can be found in the January issue of InStyle magazine.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130102n11769
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Melons reacted to nathaniel in [12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine   
    [12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine

    Q1 - Favorite T-ara song
    Q2 - Ideal type
    Q3 - Ideal date
    Q4 - Style they want to try
    Q5 - What they bought recently
    Q6 - Christmas plans (Soyeon and Boram)
    1. Sexy Love. This is a presentation of a new tune to everybody of Japan, and they love it. I think it's a tune that everyone has interest in.
    2. Who would take the time to love me. Act like an adult. Someone I can depend on.
    3. Walking in the city, I want a normal date.
    4. Wearing a casual knit and sneakers, I want to try a rough style but still looking like a girl.
    5. A ring bought in Japan, a hat, an inn in a forest. I would also like 1 or 2 accessories.
    6. I have always overlooked my family household, so this year I want to have a party with my friends. Soyeon's Christmas Party. In this party there will be music, food, Kimaru, and me and my friends.
    1. Like The First Time. Up until now a never seen before heroic style tune, with sexy choreography and I think the lyrics are sexy when girls do it. We did not do the rapping part, I felt it was a unique single. (?)
    2. When walking, or tumbling, casually protecting me. (smiles)
    3. Someone who is simple and affectionate. I want walk in the city while holdings hands. I want to go play in the park.
    4. We did a modern, sick, cool style. This winter we took on a girly fashion with a knit and sweater that spoke girl style.
    5. After a lot of matching, i finally bought a cheap yellow coat. I wore a rider jacket and a jumper. Recently I bought a cardigan and wool coat.
    1. Bye Bye. While we were training, it was the first song given to us. I'm happy that it's put in this album.
    2. I like a hard working person who wouldn't let me down.
    3. I want to walk through the city and watch a movie.
    4. Even though it's an un-matching style, - cut and high heels, I want to try it out anyways because it's winter.
    5. I'm not interested but - my mother always - my mother's style is better than me (smile). Before she bought this for me.
    1. Like The First Time. I was absent for one week and there was a lot I didn't know. So a new lead was put in. We also did rapping and it was brave feeling I enjoyed.
    2. Someone with good hair (that's so cool!)
    3. I want to go to the park.
    4. I really love fur. This winter I want to wear fur.
    5. I bought six shoes. They're the same design. Stars, Wakka, Sonica (brands), I bought all of them.
    1. Sexy Love. It has a robot dance which I enjoyed.
    2. Someone who does hard work and dances well.
    3. I want to go on a date and eat delicious things.
    4. The movie 'I Love You, I Love You Not'. I like the clothes in that movie, but maybe it won't suit me.
    5. I bought a cardigan.
    1. Like The First Time. The lyrics, the song, the beat, everything is sexy. I like the atmosphere and the choreography is totally sexy.
    2. Someone who is unstable [spontaneous?] and eats a lot of delicious breakfast.
    3. - I like to go to a lot of places to play.
    4. I like to try on different things as a challenge. This year, I want to try French chic style and hippy style. I want to try and mix flower skirts and ankle boots.
    5. I bought fur but I haven't tried it out yet. This winter I want to try out a lot.
    1. Bye Bye. The first time I heard it, I remember enjoying singing it.
    2. A likeable man, who I can instantly say I like. (smile)
    3. I want to go to the park, I want to wear a couple outfit.
    4. I like to arrange all different colors of my fashion style. I didn't like it before that much but now I like to try different colors.
    5. I bought a lot of knits. I like the style of wearing a rose on top, and I bought a big knit of it.
    6. I like spending Christmas with people I like and watching the snow fall.
    Source: haruhana scans
    Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem
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    Melons reacted to Darkbend in [SPAZZ] Tell Good and Bad Things About T-ara   
    Ooh lists!! Lemme join
    - Preeeeety
    - Songs are catchy
    - Soyeon
    - Jiyeon
    - Suh-mexy
    - Very fan oriented group
    - Preeeeety
    - Awesome concepts
    - Non boring fanbase
    - Did i already say Preeeeety
    - Kim Kwang Soo
    - Doesn't go to my country
    - Doesn't let me complete my day without seeing, listening or imagining something related to them
    - Non boring fanbase (If you're on twitter, you know what I mean)
    - Kinda snooty "official" fan groups
    - Soyeon (for my marriage)

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    Melons reacted to Ehlana in [PICS] T-ara @ Incheon Airport to Vietnam (11/25)   
    [PICS] T-ara @ Incheon Airport to Vietnam (11/25)
    For the rest of the images :

    For the rest of the images :
    CREDIT: Nate + Ehlana + tiaradiadem.com

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    Melons reacted to nathaniel in [12.11.20] Chart Ranking - "SEXY LOVE" sells 40,835 for debut week on Oricon chart   
    [12.11.20] Chart Ranking - "SEXY LOVE" sells 40,835 for debut week on Oricon chart

    T-ara sold 40,835 for their debut week on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. T-ara is #4 on the charts behind 2PM, Kis-My-Ft2. T-ara's "Roly-Poly" debuted at #3 on the charts and "Bo Peep Bo Peep" was #1.
    "Bo Peep Bo Peep" sold 49,712 for it's first week, "Roly-Poly" sold 41,285 for it's first week, "Yayaya" sold 31,801 for it's first week and "Lovey-Dovey" sold 19,245 for it's first week. This is T-ara's third highest selling debut week single release and because they are doing aggressive promotional schedules all across Japan, it's expected to keep selling consistently.
    cr: ORICON + nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Melons reacted to Robbe_881 in [PICS] T-ara Android App Updated With New Selcas (11/21)   
    [PICS] T-ara Android App Updated With New Selcas (11/21)

    T-ara's official android application has been updated today with a video and some selcas


    Credit: T-araworld.net


    New pics are coming now.

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    Melons reacted to chloeownsyou in [12.11.21.] Video HD - T-ara Official Application Shooting Scene   
    CR: SUNSHINEz1021@yt

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    Melons reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.11.07] T-ara's Dani cast in KBS 2TV "2013 School" alongside 5dolls' Hyoyoung   
    If I'm not mistaken,Dani gonna debut with T-ara next January which was supposed to be this December but somehow,they postponed it.And that also means that T-ara is not going to make a comeback next month but in two months time.
    About the acting schedules thing,KKS has always say something that contradicts his other statements,LOL.First he said Eunjung can't accept any more offer due to the tight schedules (tours, etc) but in another news he said Jiyeon put off her college education due to acting schedules+other music schedules.
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    Melons got a reaction from ZZuRRa in [12.11.07] T-ara's Dani cast in KBS 2TV "2013 School" alongside 5dolls' Hyoyoung   
    i'm just confuse CCM didn't allow eunjung to have a drama because they are having so much schedule. how about dani?she's gonna debut this December right? how can she handle that?
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    Melons got a reaction from t-ara-makes-me-crazy in [12.11.07] T-ara's Dani cast in KBS 2TV "2013 School" alongside 5dolls' Hyoyoung   
    i'm just confuse CCM didn't allow eunjung to have a drama because they are having so much schedule. how about dani?she's gonna debut this December right? how can she handle that?
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