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  1. sopurpleithurts.tumblr.com :3

  2. Hyomin is so good at being sexy-cute! I love her coy looks, especially at the end :3
  3. Towards the end in the final chorus, is that Dani's voice saying "Do you know me/Oh oh my god/Oh oh my god/ Is this happening (is that th elyric?)"? I can't recognize the voice as any others. And does anyone have a translation?
  4. I'm glad for Shinsadong, his tracks are usually hits. the concept and title make me think we're going to get a smooth melody in addition to his famous addictive beats.
  5. YES, Finally an official japanese version of Bye Bye!!! I do enjoy listening to this fancam but I've wanted an official one for so looooong.
  6. This is exciting for Soyeon and Jiyeon! I can't believe it's coming out pretty much right now, what a nice surprise. The only negative is that Eunkyo was involved in an actual bullying scandal, wasn't she? I hope netizens don't bring that up to use against 2yeon =\
  7. I love the fairy-like concept of the second set of photos, it is cute with a dash of sexy and very classy, I don't read it as trashy at all! Perhaps you're projecting the bunny concept as a playboy bunny concept? Either way I'm very glad for a visual update, I've been getting antsy for some news!
  8. You suddenly feel compelled to click on this link to my amazing T-ara filled tumblr! ;P http://sapphickoreaboo.tumblr.com/

  9. I'm not able to find the jacket pictures, and since I don't have a region free player (this is my first Cd purchase online.. do I need region free?) the jacket is the major buying point for me. Could someone post them if they exist?
  10. So.. is she still joining? December has come and gone.
  11. Is there a version of this anywhere that is actually HD? All versions I've seen are really pixelated
  12. wow all five of them are super good, I'm a little upset that they won't be debuting (unless they are, but I assume since Areum made a debut with T-ara that means something went wrong with their plans) I'm glad to have it shown further that areum was a talented and hard working girl before T-ara, proving herself herself to KKS in such a way that lead to her being chosen for T-ara.
  13. Boram is so cute with her fans! I love the crazy hand heart she did when she turned to realize a fan was in front of her XD
  14. Haha they're having so much fun during Roly Poly. Too bad about Hyomin not being there. Hwababy I miss you ;3;
  15. Yeah it's more like "lol look at all the accomplishments we did before you joined that are now going to go down the drain"
  16. I'm going into this fully expecting not to get any real details, or even anything close to the truth. I am worried however, that others are going in expecting a full detailed account of the true reasons Hwayoung was removed from the group and will just be further incensed when that doesn't happen. Being a true realist, this seems as if it's a publicity stunt. Now that Korean promotions have ended and they'll be out of the limelight for a little while as they promote over seas, it seems like a pretty convenient time to release a mysterious program that promises to answer questions everyone had pretty much accepted they wouldn't be finding out the answer to. It lights the flames and gets people discussing T-ara for another few weeks. Now with that said I do hope we get some real insight as to what the situation was and is, but I certainly won't let those hopes get too high and I suggest others follow suit.
  17. No, I noticed the same thing. She looks very upset, beyond tired. It must be big for it to show like this, usually Eunjung is able to hide her emotions when she's going through something. I hope she's okay.
  18. Wow I love those tuxedo dresses! ... Is Hyomin wearing cat ears?! Brb, gotta get a towel to wipe up my nosebleed.
  19. Just one American concert is all I ask for! Just one! Waaaaah
  20. WOOOOW Those black outfits were ~amazing!~ The pink ones were awful! Jeezz I hope we see the black ones again in a future stage.
  21. I loved their outfits today, and I'm so glad they changed Hyomin's wig for the performances. Can't wait to see what Inkigayo has in store for us x3
  22. WOW I love those Ice cream parlour esque dresses! SO CUTE.
  23. Oh... finished Day by Day promotions? Thanks netizens for ruining everything for us Queen's
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