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  1. Sigh... last year was hard on T-ara as a group... this year is hard on us as a fandom. Losing faith here...
  2. Hmm, I guess this means their idea for bringing a somber tune to the charts for tsunami season didn't go as well as they planned. (judging form how they delayed LDLD for two months last year because of how well Cry Cry was doing) Not complaining, I love DBD, but it just didn't have performance value. I'm excited for another Shinsadong smash hit party single!
  3. Oh sheesh I hadn't made that connection
  4. THIS. I know it's out, where is it for the love of queens.
  6. I'm hoping they have really comfortable airplane seats, that's going to be their only down time for the next few weeks, heh.
  7. Wow, Hyomin in bangs? These are from a while ago!
  8. Hmm, I guess they want to get hype for just the song and album, then as it dies out, reignite the hype for the huge transformative drama MV, which is why the release date is set so far apart. But does this mean no alternate versions of MV? No dance, or song version? I just feel weird getting a song and performances without an MV for it to be based off. (Look how weird it was for LVDV's first few perfs, the michael jackson thriller themed performance was met with criticism because fans didn't know it was an ode to that part of the zombie version MV. Without reference, some things don't look as good as possible.) Another reason I want the MV sooner? I CAN'T WAIIT. Final Fantasy themed T-ara!
  9. Well I'm going to go ahead and ignore the stupid publicity fluff piece and focus on one very important fact learned by this article: SHINSADONG TIGER PRODUCTION COMING IN AUGUST!!! For those new QUEEN'S out there, this man is the genius responsible for the Big Trio; Bo Peep, Roly Poly, and Lovey Dovey. He is a genius at catchy dancey pop songs and I can't imagine how good the next one will be! WOO!!
  10. I have been slayed by T-ara yet again. I was very on the fence about the hair colors, I was upset about the members, I was not being a good Queen's. But thes epictures exude everything I love about Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and T-ara. This concept, from these pictures, looks amazing. And even if the MV sucks, I am won over by the charisma that won me over in the first place. WOO T-ARA.
  11. Kyary is amazing and has amazing fans, very popular! This could bring in more fans for us Japanese wise
  12. Aw I know Hyomin loves acting and loves ot share pictures, so this will make twitter fun. I'm a little concerned about the schedules, like everyone else. But if CCM said no acting in 2012 and we got acting, maybe since CCM said Dani in December, we'll get no Dani? HEH I'll just sit over here with my wishful thinking.. at any rate god luck to our hyominnie!
  13. Holy cow three albums in three months! three comebacks in three months! I mean It means more T-ara but those poor ladies... oh wait re-read, it's spaced out, like Roly Poly/Cry Cry/Lovey Dovey. Still arduous but whew. I'm a little excited and scared thinking about a sci fi futuristic concept. On one hand it can be amazingly vogue on the other it can be blue-lipstick bad. Day-by-day sounded more like an elegant concept to me, so I don't know.. Time will tell! July 3rd isn't so far away!
  14. She's all the buzz on tumblr, here are some extra pictures, she's very adorable:
  15. I'm really upset by this and was hoping this was all a troll, but as someone on tumblr pointed out, you can see a hidden figure in the group shot of choreo practice in this picture: And Some believe it to be Areum. I don't think this is a good move, though I'm not as incensed over Areum as I am over pedoparty Dani. That's because she's someone who has been training, who has been attending an art school and has been chosen for reasons, at least we can tell ourselves that. Dani was chosen for... being 12 years old and walking down the street. People just now started accepting T-ara as a seven member unit. They just now started respecting Hwayoung once they saw her dedication and hard work. Hwayoung just now started receiving face time in their videos and performances, in fact she didn't even get much in the Japanese sapphire box thingy majig that was released. Areum and Dani are going to have to handle all of this, the pressure of being new, the awkward new choreography for their old songs, building a name and face for themselves within an established group, getting screen time. On top of all the regular work they already do. It's going to suck. It's also going to suck to forever hear in youtube comments, in articles, in performances, in new updates, in airport photos, EVERYWHERE "I hate 9-ara go back to 7-ara/ Dani is talentless/ Areum is taking my bias time/etc" And we'll be hearing that for the rest of T-ara's career. This is a redefining of how people talk about them, it is a huge blow to their image. They won't just be T-ara, they'll be "That group that added a member then added two new members and one of them was 14". That does a lot, it will dissuade any new fans, it will disillusion any casual fans and it will be a burden on the fans that choose to sit back and attempt to give these girls a chance once we see that KKS is for real. Who wants to be a part of a split dramatic fandom? Not I. My only course of action will be to hang on to my precious 7 and keep my eye on these two. I'll try to turn a blind eye to the destruction of the queen's and defamation they're going to receive but.. it might get tough.
  16. I watched the whole thing without subs but you can get the gist of a lot of what's happening. Love these seven girls, they're all so charismatic and lovable, so polite and most of all dorky. What CCM should have given us was an unscripted variety show with them where we could see their true personalities, everyone would have gone gaga. Watching this and feeling so in love with how much they've grown makes my heart break when I realize I won't be able to enjoy them with the upcoming changes.
  17. Isn't it unusual to scout someone from the STREET to an already established girl group? That seeing a child on the street made KKS think "HMM THIS GIRL IS WHAT T-ARA IS MISSING." When you think about this, really think about it, it should dawn on everyone that Dani was recruited for nothing else except her age. If she had been a talented youtube cover singer, a model, a child actress, anything at all it would have at least been excusable. One could at least have speculated that KKS was putting thought into how he manages his top girl group. "Hey maybe this little girl shows great promise, maybe she's passionate about singing, maybe she's a good dancer, maybe her english speaking skills will take T-ara to the next level." But no. Knowing she was cast from the street at 12 years old and thrown into a 3 year old girl group just makes it obvious there was no thinking involved. KKS literally took to the streets and picked up a random little girl, to show T-ara that he's their slave master and rub in in their face that he makes them. That their talents mean nothing. That they are his pawns and easily replaceable. He's despicable.
  18. Um. So basically he's saying that a child he found on the street has the vocal and charismatic ability to land herself into one of the current most popular girl groups in the business. He's saying T-ara's 5+ years of work is worth one pervy glance from an old man to a girl just walking along the sidewalk. She didn't audition. She didn't train. She didn't pursue a career in singing or entertaining. She was seen on the streets at 12 years old and approached by a man with tons of money who promised her fame and riches. And we're supposed to respect her as a valuable member of T-ara? This is a joke and I'm not having it.
  19. WOW TTL SOUNDS AMAZING. I apologize for the caps but I am super blown away. It feels so good to hear the flow and finally have an official T-ara only TTL. Boram's rap is awesome! Eunjung's still has the power, Hyomin still has the spunk and yummy Hwayoung rap aah~ Man they need to go back to that style for just one song they'll KILL. They really rock.
  20. An overflow of news will not make us love her, or her addition to T-ara. Did CCM not learn anything about the overly publicized gangkiz (though I love those girls but everyone haaaates them.) Tons of publicity won't make people like her being forced into a group of women whose fans rely on their constant changing of concepts and were hoping one of the next few would be a return to sexy.
  21. [Edit] found the link to the shop: http://www.ci-shop.co.kr/ Being the korean noob I am I got all the way to the sign up screen using google translate before I hit a road block, I need a Korean social security number. Waah! If anyone sees this post, has an account there and wouldn't mind helping a Queen's out, I can paypal you the money for the T-shirt in exchange for you to buy it for me? Thanks.[/edit] Can someone please throw me a link to the shop where they will be located? I'd like to have it up so I can quickly buy when they become available. I'll buy at least Hyomin's though Eunjung's is more aesthetically pleasing to me.. hmm. I'd also love to wear these out because it might connect me to other T-ara fans in my area. Especially at conventions and stuff! (One time last year I saw a girl dancing to Roly Poly by herself across the room. By the time I ran up to her location she was gone )
  22. @sleepystudent, the translation I saw before this one said "When asked about her unnies Dani replied:" So it seems like she was asked where T-ara was and that was her response. I don't understand anything about this situation and am keeping my eyes shut hoping they're kidding.
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