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  1. She's so gracious and precious, accepting all of her gifts with a sweet smile. But what's the story behind this? Was this a fansite event or something? Why was it in a parking lot and who were the people standing close to her?
  2. I remember feeling like Roly Poly was getting overdone last year, I think that's just their game plan, have a popular song and perform it like crazy when they're not promoting so people can remain hooked. Though I do wonder how they're getting in enough practice time for the new members if they're so busy.. maybe the new members aren't joining after all? lol wishful thinking...
  3. Is there a new gangkiz forum or a gangkiz thread here I can stalk to find such performances and news updates on them?
  4. Saw the picture on tumblr, I'm SO glad they kept our color gold at least. Getting used to Queen's myself, I'm just glad it isn't any of the contest choices really. But woo! yellow!
  5. These videos are the best thing I've experienced this month. Hyomin is so smoking hot and full of energy! I love it
  6. Wow I love their funky outfits! Hwayoung is such a cute dork
  7. Woah they're mentioning the 9 member change? May we get a translation quickly? This seems like it should be a big deal!
  8. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, CCM. I an NOT down with two NEW members of an unknown origin weaseling their way into T-ara's successes. Everything these girls have suffered and worked for and killed themselves over, what will it mean if this gets taken from them and given to two new rookies? It'll mean NOTHING. It'll mean any pretty little vixen can waltz into KKS's office, bat her pretty little eye lashes at him and maybe flash a little belly button and get into one of the current most popular girl groups. Okay, maybe these girls aren't hussies. But seriously, to introduce new people into a well established, already flourishing group? WTF. This is if they're new. I will be significantly less incensed if the two new members are Hyoyoung and Chanmi. There will still be the matter of "lol Qri/Boram/Hwayoung who?" going on in their stages AS THEY ARE NOW and who knows wtf will happen when they join, but I happen to love Hyoyoung and Chanmi so I can accept them. All in all, this is probably the first step towards releasing some of our current member sin the long run. Boram maybe wants out, Qri might be getting the boot, Hwayoung could be getting some delayed repercussions because of her wardrobe malfunction, who knows. All I'm saying is stay sharp, Diadems. This storm is just beginning to brew.
  9. I just can't even believe this, I'm in shock. This is not just, and we should not sit tight and hold our tongues. We should try to start that petition. We can't allow T-ara to be destroyed by the selfish thoughtless minds of their crazed overlord. We will be trolled no more, CCM.
  10. Hwayoung has a killer S-line if I do say so myself >///<
  11. Aww Hyomin took out her extensions! And her hair only grew that much in three months?! Baah. She's lucky she's still super cute =P
  12. Wow I love the flourish they did at the end with lining up to do the last bit of Roly Poly. I was wondering what they were up to, hah. It looks amazing, especially the one by one posing part. I wonder if they didn't do Lovey Dovey because of the heels. And where was Eunjung?! Unless this was recorded a bit ago.
  13. LOL I laughed out loud at these names, Milk Milk Lemonade and Roll Call and Labor in Vain and of course, Hokey Pokey. XD I'm pretty much treating this as a joke right now, please oh gosh. But yeah as long as Shinsadong Tiger produced Hokey Pokey...
  14. Thank you! I hope them getting deleted isn't a thingnow,that would suck.
  15. Aw, the performance video you linked to is private and I can't watch it. =\ Edit: Well, now I realize why. Because of timezones I wake up at this time and come straight here for performances, so I didn't know about Hwayoung's wardrobe malfunction. I hope she isn't too upset by this or people's reactions and that is doesn't negatively effect her future. <3 <3 you Hwababy.
  16. Hyomin was really rocking it this performance, oh my goodness
  17. In the beginning, did the fanchant say "Roly poly T-ara?" LOL and omg yay for the win and YAY for Queens!
  18. Ugh, I can't handle this. I'm happy for her but with how crazy some WooJung fans are, I'm not looking forward to us sunbyungers getting rabid competition. D:
  19. in my opinion all seven of the girls should be on this list. I've heard even anti's say that every T-ara member is gorgeous. D: But I'm glad we got 4 on there.
  20. Woo 88 line! I love Hwayoung's funny retort about her sister getting more money but pleading for it to be split evenly, haha! I'm glad they're enjoying a nice dinner, and I'm so proud of them. Thank you and I love you T-ara!
  21. I wonder if we can send them some sort of big fan response and let them know we named ourselves Diadems? Like an internet project? I'm really proud of T-ara for finally knocking this man's walls down. Finally they'll be getting something they want. Tides are turning for our loves.
  22. WOW THAT BOW, it really touched my heart, it shows how much they appreciate us and how humbled they are by this. They've been busting their butts for 6 months without a break, finally they're getting the recognition they deserve. Here's hoping they win Inkigayo tomorrow too! I love them!! <33
  23. As of now I'm a devoted 7-ara Diadem fan <3 HyominEunjungHwayoung are in first place, as well as a in a love triangle. Hee hee~

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      And Lovey dovey! It's perfection xwx

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