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  1. WOO T-ARA GO! I was so happy for them, and aaas HwaMin is more and more visible, look at them jumping! <3
  2. I don't really get why this scripted nonsense is news when T-ara's wins and performances are "quick news"
  3. Woah, Soyeon cut her hair. But it was so beautiful during Cry Cry promotions!
  4. Is the postponed date set? I heard rumors that as of now they still may cancel the concert on April 22nd due to so many other kpop events going on at the same time (I only saw this somewhere, I don't know the details) I don't want to invest in this only to have them postpone it again.
  5. I love dance rehearsal versions because there is no crazy camerawork. Just the girls and the way we're meant to see the dances. <3
  6. I'm so glad! I love Hwayoung, but I don't love how split the fans are when it comes to line distribution. All over their videos and tumblr there is this hostility when people's biases (Boram, Qri and Hwayoung until recently) don't get as many lines or screen time as Hyomin, Soyeon, Jiyeon, and Eunjung and it gets to a point where contempt grows when we should be loving every member of T-ara. I myself find it weird how the distribution of lines have been going, but have kept myself okay about it. But if they were to add yet another member into the mix? That would really bother me. (by the way, IS there a reason Boram is used so seldomly? As far as I know, she can sing..)
  7. I can't even complain about the camera men not knowing what they're doing and who to shoot when (like during their solo dance parts at the end) because they all look so incredibly amazing and they're all glowing and sparkling and make me feel tingles with their PERFECT choreography. I love them so so much and wish them the best for this promotion! <33
  8. I'm a little annoyed, why go for the gimmick one when they could go for the regular club tokyo version?
  9. Won't the 4th one be the Pajama version? We got some pictures of "Love Dovey" and they were in PJs a few weeks ago. I love Hyomin's look. I hope others (non diadems) don't get tired of T-ara and embrace them.
  10. ROFL So first, dramatic boyish style, then dance euro pop, then pajama pillow party, now ZOMBIES. omg. Lovey Dovey will either be a huge hit or a disastrous mess.
  11. It turns out I won't be able to make it! No plane tickets in my price range. Please take video for me! XD enjoy.

  12. Ooh, I spy some Lovey Dovey hats on Qri Eunjung and Hwayoung! ;D
  13. Oh my gosh Hyomin is so sweet to Hwayoung, she was watching out for her and pulling her to the right spot, and then at the end Hwayoung was touching her. I really sense a devotion brewing!
  14. Hyomin's expression is making me blush! Ahh, I so wish Hwayoung had better picture taking skills, she always looks like she wasn't ready.
  15. Wow, Hyomin is such a natural beauty.
  16. WOAH OMG ROLY POLY. They showed Hwayoung during her parts?! AND THEY SHOWED BORAM FILL IN FOR A SOLO?! It's a Christmas miracle!
  17. So we don't even get to listen to the song? This is the worst Kpop Christmas ever.
  18. Woo! I'm excited ot watch this and revel in their ~explosive variety skills~ haha XD
  19. I loved the Hello thing! Was that a CF? It was super cute and I adored HwaJung and HwaMin interactions. <333
  20. Ahhh! They're wearing purple outfits, my absolute favorite! AND Eunjung is back! AND Hyomin isn't wearing a wig! Once again Inkigayo pulls through for me >w<
  21. WOW It really will be a mini drama! this is exciting and will hopefully garner attention.
  22. I'm so proud! I absolutely adore Roly Poly (like I knew I would) and Lovey Dovey is going to be another super kill. I think Shinsadong Tiger and T-ara are a REALLY good mix.
  23. I can just hope Eunjung will be on Inkigayo. I like Hyomin with the hair braided!
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