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  1. Wait,I missed something, when was the first win?
  2. YAY FINALLY! I was beginning to worry they wouldn't win anything. I'm so happy for them!
  3. FIVE VERSIONS?! What in the world could eed five versions?! what happened to the simple days of MV version and dance version? At least with Roly Poly they pumped out versions as an afterthought, but five planned versions is a little crazy, oh man.
  4. Gotta love Inkigayo! I can trust them to give each member awesome solo shots but still keep the integrity of the group erformance intact. Yes! I loved Hyomin's wig for the first time and I was SO excited to see Eunjung back!
  5. Oh my gosh that second video is ripe with delicious Hyomin/Eunjung moments! I'm so excited and need to find .gifs. Eeep!
  6. The only thing I can do is to absorb myself in Cry Cry. I KNOW I'll love Lovey Dovey because of Shinsadong Tiger. Maaaan. I already sing the 3 second part : "love dovey dovey ah ah ah~" to myself.
  7. I feel a little wrid about Hyomin's hair but it might be the quality of the video, can't get a good look at it. I'm so happy Eunjung's hair is free! yes!
  8. Woah! I'm glad Roly Poly has the lasting power it does, they're getting tons of recognition for it. Is that GG there for Girl's Generation?
  9. This sounds really interesting, but how will it premiere January 13th if T-ara will be in San Fransisco?
  10. SHINSADONG TIGER! I am obsessed with both Bo Peep and Roly Poly so I know for a fact I'll love Lovey Dovey. What a great Christmas present!
  11. I feel a little selfish thinking that with this ending she might have some time in the future to pay a visit or two to Invincible Youth 2. I hope she rests up a bit before then, though.
  12. It's such a work of art! I can't wait for 1080p, the gifs and icons will be amazing. Man I love them, even if they make me want to cry with the melody of their voices.
  13. Man every time I watch them perform Cry Cry ballad version on stage I kind of feel like commiting suicide after. They look so horribly depressed! It's too saaaaad. this means they're amazing at sending emotional vibes through their voices.
  14. Now THIS is good camerawork. I'm glad that the members got their time to shine during their parts, and woah man, this comeback is making me fangirl Hwayoung *w* I'm still iffy on Hyomin's haircut but we'll see.
  15. I'd be really excited for her to show up, maybe more than only once! I want to watch the new season but don't have the posts on soshified for it XD.
  16. I think I might dieee! These outfits.. that lace. hhnnnggn <33
  17. I'm a little dissapointed, I love Hyomin's long hair with no bangs and here she's done the opposite. I can only hope she rocks it on stage and forces me to fall in love with it.
  18. OH MY GOD I AM SPEECHLESS AND ALMOST IN TEARS RIGHT NOW. Okay calmed down. This dance. This dance is so sleek, and powerful, and masterful. I can't believe how amazing this dance is. It has all of these cool steps and oh my god. this is it for our girls. This is when they cross the threshold and become a household name. I am SO excited.
  19. Thank you so much, you're amazing! =D

  20. Does anyone know how they handle GA seats? Is it like first come first serve or will we get a section to stand in?
  21. Oh gosh I'm so so happy! But i'm also a little worried about the girls getting enough rest. Their tweets have been full of exhaustion lately. I love them
  22. I started laughing when they showed us the island. What the heck XD
  23. I can tell Cry Cry is going to blow them up big time. It's a soulful catchy tune and all they need to do is ace the performance and that's it, straight to stardom for our 7
  24. Started making my plans, but I might have to miss it. Flights from NYC to CA are 140 each way right now. Plus the 100 I plan to spend on the seating, it just isn't feasible. I'm so crushed, stupid college student funds.
  25. Speaking of versions, will there be a stage version or do we have to wait for them to take the stage on the 15th?
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