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  1. Okay that was my only concern with this comback. Otherwise I'm completely excited. =D Let's hope they mean "different" as in I Go Crazy Because of You". Because, UNF.
  2. How are they supposed to make an impact in Japan when they'll only be there a little over a month?!
  3. When is "Love Me" going to debut in Japan? Will there be a music video for it?
  4. AHAHA! I was so confused, thinking there was going to be another one or something. But why didn't they anticipate people uploading the TV release in this day and age of technology?
  5. Poor Jiyeon! she probably felt pressure to be there because she's basically the face of Roly Poly. I'm grateful for her dedication to her fans but I wish she would think of herself as well. Here's hoping she gets has a safe recovery!
  6. Oh goodness, this was a wonderful trip. This was the first time I was here for a T-ara full blown comeback and I loved it all! Two months of nearly daily performances to drool over. Diadem I couldn't have enjoyed Roly Poly this much if it was't for you!
  7. What the heck Hwayoung, she sticks out like a sore thumb in these pictures. My goddesses Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon look goddes-like as usual! XD
  8. Hey I love your signature with Hyomin wearing an "I <3 Sunny" T-shirt! Where is that clip from?

  9. Saucy Q.ri! Look at her hiking up her skirt whuut. I also laughed out loud when I realized Hyomin was holding her SHOE XD oh Hyomin, you so random.
  10. "Her name was Roly, She was a Poly~" I can't get Copacabana out of my head everytime I see this new version! XD
  11. I can somewhat see it in his eyes, but mostly it's just a stretch. Hmph, Jiyeon is much cuter.
  12. Hopefully never! Hah, I love Roly Poly and if this succeed it means more $$$ for our girls.
  13. Finally getting around to watching T-ara's Hello Baby. It's so cute!

  14. I'm so proud of our girls! Who would have thought this song would dominate like this?? Ahh, congrats to them and let's hope the Euro dance version gives us another few weeks of popularity XD
  15. Man, I'm in love with those bow belts and really want one now thanks to Roly Poly DX
  16. I sorely wish I could watch this but I'm the biggest chicken ever! Maybe I'll mute it and Fast Forward to all of hyomin's parts XD
  17. The story was never really finished in Part 1, if I recall correctly, so I was hoping they would finish it. But dance covers sound like a nice way to say thank you to the fans and will get them a lot more attention for being so appreciative of the fans hard work. More attention to T-ara = more T-ara so I'm OK with that.
  18. I'm glad these aren't their most recent looks! Q-ri looks gorgeous here but I lovelovelove her Roly Poly hair color and style, it's so fresh and adorable, so much so that I'm glad I get to have it for a bit longer. I do miss Hyomin's longer hair though.. So pretty!
  19. Oh no! This isn't doing them any good, fainting and such. they need to take better care of themselves, and their management needs to keep on top of their girls! Hyomin my dear please get better! Hopefully there is a nice long vacation for them in the future.
  20. I'm glad for this video, trying to keep up with their crazy arm flinging during the video is impossible
  21. Hey, those are my favorite three too! mostly for their amazing performances during IGCBOY and me developing a bias. How werid that a lot of people share the same top 3 and that they do so many activities together.
  22. Oh man Hyomin in purple leggings and Qri's shorts! I want those polka dotted shorts pretty bad now. I also concur with all the shoe comments, those shoes are superb.
  23. Aw not very many of Hyomin, but Jiyeon, Soyeon and Boram are super cute in this performance. Love that they're doing rainbow colored attire now.
  24. There are so many colors in these pictures! Was this for a performance? I don't recognize these outfits- Especially Hwayoung stands out to me here
  25. I have watched each and every Roly Poly performance 10 times. I see it in my sleep! LOVE IT. <3

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