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  1. Aww I'll miss them! Good luck girls. I just know that they'll have success in Japan with Bo Peep. That song is like candy for the ears. I can't wait to hear how it sounds in Japanese too, eee. It always feels weird hearing known Korean songs sung in Japanese, but a good kind of weird XD.
  2. I saw these on tumblr earlier. Here are some more (I take no credit, I just found them while web browsing): I love her so much
  3. Wow, that showcase sounds killer, I really hope we get a nice video of it. They'll be safe because I won't be there >_>;
  4. I love Hyomin's hot shorts! I've watched this video so many times too, I love their success and couldn't have asked for a better comeback
  5. Oh man oh man I would love to see them revisit this performance. I still love this song and dance the best out of all of them.
  6. I just watched the dance version a couple more times and I must say this dance is so fun looking! I can't wait to see how they dress live.
  7. This song is an aural love potion. Usually it takes me a few times to get used to a song before I like it but man, this song stuck itself in my head instantly and I'm almost as in love with it after three playbacks as my other T-ara favorites (with like a hundred playbacks each, maybe a thousand for Bo Peep XP). Good job, my loves! CAN'T WAIT to see it live.
  8. Woah, Hyomin and Jiyeon looks exceptionally adorable in this picture! And Eunjung, she's gorgeous as usual. for some reason Boram reminds me of Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls. Maybe it's the smile or the glasses?
  9. OH MAH GAH! Hyomin! I'm so very happy about this, and kind of feeling selfish because I know this means more face time for Hyomin. I am so excite!
  10. Am I the only one left confused slash amused by the fact that she said she cried like a dinosaur? XD!
  11. Oh my gosh THOSE LEGS! Be still my beating heart Was this on air? I'd love to see a video of them performing Bo Peep in Wae Ireoni outfits.
  12. That's extremely exciting news! I've been missing my Hyomin love and have resorted to watching them perform with 5dolls (not that that's such torture, 5dolls are cute and catchy) I'm excited for this since they call it a "Bo Peep II" since Bo Peep is still my major earworm.
  13. Hyomin! That picture of her is gorgeous, I wish I could see the performance. Thanks for the pictures!
  14. That's my beautiful Hyomin, showing off just one of her many onion peels of herself. LOVE
  15. I usually dislike when someone goes blonde, but this case might actually change that cycle.
  16. I went to the link, but couldn't find anymore, which is a shame since I adore this performance and would love some more .gifs.
  17. I apparently can get pretty obsessive when it comes ot watching T-ara performing.. just spent 4 hours watching them dance to I Go Crazy

  18. No! Don't dissapear! I think I would cry if she really did. Honestly the fans should have more sense than to attack her for something as silly as this. and they definitely should have stopped after she apologized. wtf.
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