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    Clermont Ferrand , France
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    i like reading, singing, dancing, playing basketball, watching, and browsing...
    i want to learn korean language, i want to meet JIYEON AND EUNJUNG!!!
    i'm serious...
    >_< peace*
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  1. LOL.. Mr.Kim gave up bcause the girls... hahahah it's so great... i'll come in too
  2. i won't hate zombies anymore.. if t-ara is the leader! LOL.. it's so exciting! yeah!
  3. omo.. 'queen of the cannes festival' ??? she's already became a queen in my heart! hahahaha it's good to see Jiyeon become the leader role.. i hope she has many rest..
  4. i'm a girl and i love her!! hahaha.. she's still cute!
  5. ohWOW! it's so AMAZING! JIYEON's face so cute even she sad.. .________. hyomin with her smile and soyeon with her innocent face.. hahahaha.. thanks! go T-ARA!
  6. ukh.. i hope it'll not seem really hard.. haahha.. it's nice to have suffle dance... nice concept t-ara!!
  7. uhla.. jiyeon~ah.. she's so sexy.. i'll like hershe now.. hahahahhaa
  8. kekeke.. jiyeon's special stage so great.. i love it!! daebak! go T-ARA!
  9. wahaah.. finally.. but wait.. why eunjung can't play on it? arrggh! i want to see jangwoo and eunjung together on here..
  10. OMG!! THEY'RE SO F@#$!ing SEXY!! i can't wait for the MV..! let's go CCM!
  11. look at jiyeon's pose.. wooow... it's so bad jiyeon got that partner.. hahahaha
  12. hahaha... cute!! i like jiyeon who always with eunjunhahaha... cute!! i like jiyeon who always with eunjung... hahaha T-ARA!! yeyeyeye... hahaha
  13. now i want to play with the kids! hahahahha

  14. oke.. udah bunyi bel. samapi nanti..!! @pjy1234 and @taraeunjung1212

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