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  1. yeah..proud of them..pay for all their hard work.will always support T-ARA.
  2. qriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~aaaaaahhhhh..amazing..these photos really great..totally into T-ara right now..hehehehe
  3. i don't understand,,bashing??insulting?? i got very worried right after i read that news...for sure it's a bad news..
  4. yn min

    Day by Day (06/21) -- 002

    final fantasy..hehe.i like it
  5. yn min

    [PIC] T-ara

    that just a child KKS.jiyeon is perfect with the maknea title..why KKS need to add another members..she is too young.. for sure KKS will come with another plan..just hate stupid KKS..my imagination just simple,all t-ara 7 member are quite experience in this industry while the new member just newbies.huh.KKS this is a new HELLO BABY again for T-ara..huh
  6. outside truly hell..haha..if i were there.i won't care about other people as long as i can meet t-ara..haha who cares about damn crowded outside there..haha..meet with t-ara is the most precious moment ever..
  7. great!!!hope they will achieve their goals for this year.. love t-ara always..i'm proud to be one of t-ara hardcore fan..XD
  8. jiyeon and boram soooo sweet..
  9. i think that all 7 members have their own singing talent but KKS is so stupid that he gave the every line in a song not equal at all. so obviously soyeon will burden more as her vocal is powerful..all of them are so talented..i don't understand with that stupid guy mind..what wiil happen to T-ara future????
  10. KKS just great with his new idea.. i hate the way he eager to remove and replace the members.. try to change T-ARA..no!!!for me..this insane guy just involve fans feeling..
  11. KKS just great with his new idea.. i hate the way he eager to remove and replace the members.. try to change T-ARA..no!!!for me..this insane guy just involve fans feeling..
  12. she's gorgeous,fabulous,beautiful,cute.she is perfect. i'm fell in love with her..the second photo.. drive me crazy...QRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. wow..they gonna held their own concert..they work hard since their debut days.. wish the best for t-ara official fan club and solo concert..
  14. wow..1 billion??!!!so rich.. they become more popular day by day.. hope to hear more great news about them..
  15. so kind..glad that they keep their promise..deabak.. so proud with them..hope they can make more so people will recognize them even more because they deserve it.. keep support them..
  16. yeah jiyeon right after KMK rank.. why Qri not in the chart???!!totally disagree.. Qri should be in the chart..even in the real life chart she in top 5.. wae??!! ..
  17. hope it will be an official international fanclub.. sure they need their own fanclub.. thanks to KKS..hahaha..i guess
  18. i never get bored with t-ara songs..haha.. they work so hard and they need to rest right now..for awhile.. will always support t-ara and diadem forever..
  19. i want this photo collection.. can i have the password..please..need to get these photo collection..
  20. so that the ending..great MV.. when jiyeon cry just make me want to cry too.. she is a good actress..qri stole my heart with her Q-oppa style..aaaaa can't wait for another lovey dovey MV.
  21. i hope its true..can't wait for the tokyo MV..i want it right now..hahaha CCM please don't troll t-ara fan again and again..i'm tired of waiting.. 19th please!!!!!
  22. so pretty..can't wait to watch the drama.. her smile..awwww...so cute
  23. wow..they just won and straight away to the subway..proud of them..keep their promise,, wish someday i can meet them in person too..
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