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  1. jiyeon eyes drive me crazy..she debut as a cute idol and right now jiyeon turn into the beautiful lady... can't wait to watch dream high 2..XD
  2. yeah,,this is what i'm waiting for..i can imagine how t-ara will be with 8 members.. they are just perfect with 7 members..
  3. so sad when i read this article..totally worried about jiyeon.. i've seen the performance and she was too tired to perfrom and as she gonna faint right away.. please CCM treat T-ara well..please give them at least 2 or 3 days rest..='(
  4. hi..happy new year!nice to meet you.

  5. qri and jiyeon always caught my attention..all of them are so pretty..i love their outfit,remind me with their bo peep bo peep day.. qri and jiyeon too pretty..hahaXD
  6. happy new year!have a nice day

  7. happy new year!have a nice day

  8. happy new year!have a nice day

  9. happy new year!have a nice day

  10. happy new year!have a nice day.

  11. ur welcome.happy new year!

  12. hello. do you have twitter acc?

  13. remix song.the performance DEABAK!!totally fell for t-ara with their red outfits.. jiyeon dance drive me crazy with her expressions.amd all the member play well with their expressions.. the best performance ever..
  14. wa..huge suprise for new year 2012..sure gain more attention for this zombie MV. jiyeon eyes too sexy and qri is too pretty..haha..
  15. just few more days to go..can't wait for Lovey Dovey..its about Qri..yeah..its time for Qri to shine.. love Qri..
  16. yeah..t-ara commonX2 yo..comeback with new style and concept and this zombie style i can't imagine how will it look like.. t-ara is the first girl group come with zombie MV..so unique..t-ara fighting!
  17. never thought they will appear as zombie version..once again unique style..looking forward for this zombie version for sure.. i never realised that there gonna be tokyo version..wonder how will the MV will be..can wait..sure 2012 is the year for t-ara.
  18. yeah.once again i heard this great news about t-ara top chart in 2011.Roly Poly is the song of the year. i hope they can achieve more success in 2012.good luck t-ara.
  19. this is amazing..2011 is Roly Poly year..and hope they can achieve more awards and gain more popularity in 2012.. they shine even from their debuted 'LIES' song and start to boom every year..
  20. wow..they look so gorgeous in that photo.Qri smile so sweet.she so beautiful when she's smile. i like the way jiyeon lift up her head.so sexy.i like tiara on soyeon head.fits her well.hope LD gonna be hit in 2012.
  21. DEABAK!!this song is great.i hope they can collaborate more in the future. i love both group.T-ARA n DAVICHI fighting!
  22. can't wait for jiyeon drama.i miss her acting since DB2.now she on DH2 as Liam.for sure gonna watch this. she so stunning in that picture.jiyeon fighting!
  23. wa..90% shuffle in their dance move.sure tiring.. this comeback sure hit top chart..t-ara come with new concept each comeback.. hahahaha...can't wait for Lovey Dovey
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