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  1. wow..i like their style and their hair...cute and pretty
  2. wow...there together again..i'm really proud of them.. i stiil waiting for their new album and their japan debut.. i hope one day they will come to my country as well. they really busy right now...hope they always fine and take care about their health despite their busy schedule.... love t-ara..always support them..
  3. wow..hyomin is multitalented... i'm very proud of t-ara.. 5dolls are very lucky as they get hyomin became their stylish.. i love hyomin style... i love 5dolls new concept... t-ara jjang..
  4. wow..i think they really busy this month.. i'm still waiting for their comeback and japan debut.. hope their company still concern about their health..they work really hard... t-ara fighting.....
  5. happy birthday IU..they are soo cute together.. just love this couple.. omomo...qri always pretty and jiyeon always cute.....
  6. wow..she really pretty in this picture... can't wait to watch for her movie... t-ara fighting..
  7. wow...she really big girl now... she more mature right now.. even day by day she work harder and harder... i love you jiyeonnie,,,,,,
  8. i don't like this kind of movie genre,, but i'm sure gonna watch all their movie.. can't wait to see their movie... hwaiting
  9. woww...i can't wait for this... i love that they get more attention right now... soyeon voice jjang...can't wait...
  10. t-ara got more attention right now.. they work really hard.. they deserve it... 3 million in 3 months.. wow..i'm proud of t-ara... love them more and even more.. hahaha..t-ara fighting...
  11. they really cheerful and have the colourful aura t-ara is the attraction of everything.. they are beautiful and talented,, i love to see they all together in this CF..sooooo sweet
  12. she really when through all of it...i felt pity for her.. she more sparkling in T-ARA...hahaha i love her spirit,,she want to work harder and more harder.. she an idol and even actress.. she is versatile..hahaha T-ARA members all are versatile... saranghae T-ARA...
  13. hehe...she must be really close to soohyun...they just friends eunjung is doing great job with jangwoo...hahahaha eunjung fighting
  14. what she being edit out...they should show that airtime..not edit out.. dun worry soyeon ...we believe in you.. hope she always fine.. the procedure should air the moment she try to clear the report... poor soyeon...we understand you soyeon....
  15. i'm gonna watch this animation ...hehehe.....just waiting for jiyeon.. hope she have a nice rest in her holiday.....
  16. no,,she too cute to born in 1978..she just knew many song because she a singer,, i think that she have intrest in this industry when she was born....right
  17. she will be acting with eunjung...hehe....wish her goodluck... i never seen her drama before.. this time i'm gonna watch it.... love qri pretty
  18. yeah..t-ara member get more attention and became more popular... hyomin is funny and sweet,,when she was permanent MC in IY,,i love her with her funny act,, right now she gonna be MC in WGM...hehehe...i'm gonna watch this show... hyomin fighting..
  19. she really kind...i'm wondering who was that lucky guy.... at least she honest about herself...i'm kind of like her... she gonna appear in WGM,so we can she how she take care of her husband....
  20. wow..congrats eunjung..she became more popular actress right now.. i hope she always fine..i know that they will make their comeback in may... i wonder if they will delay their comeback again this year despite of their busy schedule... hwating t-ara....
  21. she still pretty,,,hehehe.....have a nice day eunjung aaaaa. love t-ara
  22. fresh bare face..she stiil the same for me,, the different is right now she more charismatic than before
  23. she pretty and cute,,so i'm not suprised that some male idol to date with her.. i hope she meet with her mr. someday...
  24. t-ara really work hard in this year.. i will always support t-ara.. they always shine day by day....i just love them so much....... love t-ara 4 ever
  25. she kind of naughty with that image....but still she sexy.. just miss cute eunjung...hehehe
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