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  1. This is the second time she got injured and it always happened on December, Eunjung please be careful, I hate high heels, I hope she can still perform lovey dovey.
  2. Eunjung is so pretty and girly in that picture
  3. I'm so excited to watch this, want to watch with english sub. The poster is DAEBAK!!!
  4. I'm happy for her. I want to see her more in dramas and it's nice that she will be participating with her fellow group member eunjeong waiting for this
  5. She's really the mirror queen, i don't think it's scandalous she's really a cutie.
  6. Having offers like this prove that she is really good but she's really busy now , i hope she take some time to rest, i don't want her to be sick.
  7. oh my eunjeong definitely want to see her more so i will totally watch this
  8. i'm so excited for this, this show will be really good because of her.
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