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  1. My goddess got abs!! OMGOSH!!! Atleast shes healthy now!! now girl with abs are really SEXY!!! 100days is like 3months rite??
  2. t-ara COMEBACK TWICE THIS YEAR!!! GOOD FOR THEM AND US DIADEMS!! i tot the mv is going to release 2morrow???
  3. Koreans Walmart??? The airwasher photo make theirs hair look so small TT XD SO CUTE
  4. HOORAY FOR LOVEY-DOvey!! I Wonder when will it going to be release~~
  5. Thailand!! :D:D:D:D but i live in Malaysia~~ Near but cnat go!!
  6. How i wish i can be there with them TT!! I wanna go japan rite now !!!
  7. Where is the remake song??? TT anyway BO PEEP BO PEEP T-ara CATWOMAN FIGHTING !
  8. Hyomin Look so hot!!! Eunjung 2!!!! Finally Hwayoung is included in bo peep bo peep!!
  9. Its good that t-ara is having some reputation!! T-ara Fighting!!
  10. I wan new song from T-ara!!! NEW SONG NEW SONG NEW SWONG!! I wan to listen hyomin's rapping!!
  11. I wonder where i can buy those limited edition becuz I NEED IT!! MUAHAHA I wan a album with poster!!
  12. A online game??? I want to play d !!! I miss playing mmorpg!! izit mmorpg??
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