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  1. I haven't come here for a while...... and all of a sudden you're green O.O Congrats ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. soyawn


      OH! didn't see this >_< sorry ._. naah not them. there are some others..if you lurk more often, you will see these few XD

    3. balor


      No thanks. Eunji shipper is more than enough lol

    4. soyawn


      LOLOL! and for now, not so much of eunji shippers, too much people complaining about every single damn thing <_<

  2. o really??? :P

    you were gone for a long time.

    anyway, miss you too

  3. oppaaa T__________T i miss youuuuu u,u

  4. so you're 99 this year??

    congrats LOL

  5. yo thanks for your approve bro,,

    lol, i have nice join date...i planned it, in T-ara Cry-Cry all kill date... XD

  6. yo.

    unique join date LOL

  7. SoYeon is your wife but she's my lover lolz..

  8. And my name is Ryan.

    Soyeon is my wife, so don't you dare touch her :P


  9. haiz..my name is Albee..

    Minnie is my wife lolz

  10. Continue to make duet with me lolz..bo beep bo beep oh~~

  11. First you wanna attack me, now say HI to me??

    I can't believe this *sigh


    nice to know you too, minnie ^^

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