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  1. Hello arashi, I just wanted to know, have you dropped your T-Di fic ?

  2. Haha that's so funny, I would have never though someone would do it for real x)

  3. HAHAHA I actually googled your sig up!

  4. ok!...OMO i alrdy it them all!..sorry unnie next i'm really give you!lol^^..

  5. haha!..i'm ok bcuz i eat my favorite chocolate!lol..you?..

  6. long time no talk unnie!lol..

  7. Goshh' I'm so looking forward to the chapter 2 of your T-Di fanfic~~ Please update, It's hard to wait T-T

  8. Eunjung but I also like all of members :3

  9. Hell yeah! Can't wait for their comeback >.< Who's your favourite member btw ?

  10. Yes and I see that you're probably a SONE too. Excited for the Roly Poly comeback? :D

  11. You're welcome, so are you a S♥ne ? =)

  12. Thank you for the birthday comment!^^ *kindly bows down*

  13. Yeah, other than them I listen to like AC/DC and Rush. I love T-ara the most though :D

  14. So, is T-ara the only girl group that you like ? =)

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