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  1. Hello arashi, I just wanted to know, have you dropped your T-Di fic ?

  2. Haha that's so funny, I would have never though someone would do it for real x)

  3. Goshh' I'm so looking forward to the chapter 2 of your T-Di fanfic~~ Please update, It's hard to wait T-T

  4. Hell yeah! Can't wait for their comeback >.< Who's your favourite member btw ?

  5. You're welcome, so are you a S♥ne ? =)

  6. So, is T-ara the only girl group that you like ? =)

  7. Hey, I see on your siggy that you like Taetae, I love her too ♥, by the way Happy Birthday' =)

  8. Hey, welcome on tiaradiadem ^^

  9. Hi, you're a new member right? Welcome ^^

  10. Hi arashi, I've read the 1st chap of your T-Di's fic, and I already love your story since I freaking love this couple, please update quick !!! And pm me when you update please ♥

  11. Hi~~ Thanks for your 4Minute fic's link, I left a comment. But I don't know how to subscribe ?

  12. Hey =) I saw in the Dump Date Or marry game that you're a S♥ne, nice to see a buddy here~~ ;)

  13. you're welcome =) But can you correct your mistake please?

  14. Hi apple =) Just passing by and to tell you that you've made a mistake in the game "What is the next song?' you have to choose a song that begin with the letter 'u' ^^

  15. Hi Hyomin J ^^ Happy birthday~~

  16. Hi~~ Happy B-day faithEEE ^^

  17. Well, even though it's not already summer it is hot over here~~ The streets are clean, it's a country w/ lots of foreigners..hmm don't know what else to say..

  18. What do you want to know about this country exactly ? =)

  19. Coucou~~ J'ai vu dans ta "about me" section, que tu sais parler 5 langues~ impressionant ^^

  20. Hi~~ Just passing by, wishing you a Happy B-day ^^

  21. Hi =) Just passing by & telling you that you forgot to tell who are the next 3 persons in the "DUMP , DATE OR MARRY" game ^^

  22. Hehe yeah it's been a while ^^ Actually I didn't say I'm going to write a fic, I said I thought about writing a fic but yeah I'll do it. It's just that currently I'm busy with my exams, and I have to revise to pass my A-level. I'll tell you when I'll do it if you want ~~

  23. Happy B-day jessica ~

  24. You might get scolded by your parents? But you're 23 yrs already~~

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