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  1. actually, none of the main leads (well except chae sira) are in the initial episodes cos the story is still in the childhood phase. I am nervous about this so-called 'issues with Eunjung's character', but they probably won't make her a villain or a xxxx, cos that's playing into the current public perception of the girls... maybe they'll reduce her role instead
  2. ^_^ happy birthday :D
    1. toshiba


      thanx Tron!!!! yay!! <3 <3 xOxOOX

  3. Tears all fall the same, we all feel the rain

  4. It's like everyone is delusional, but of a different wavelength. A person who can understand is better than a crowd who can't.

  5. Everywhere we go I'm lookin' for the sun. Nowhere to grow old. And always on the run.

  6. funny how well written glee fics inspire me to write unlike well written kpop fics which makes me want to give up instead

  7. LOL CCM stop writing fanfics and stop it with your scare tactics already
  8. um excuse me but what the f uck? they've got too much on their schedules as it is, and winning isn't everything. what the hell ccm?
  9. They really don't have any new ideas for this couple anymore. It's always someone being jealous every two episodes ._. But wow excited for another T-ara appearance!
  10. so it was just a rumour.. freaking twitter and it's exaggerations -___- i really doubt they'll add a new one to t-ara but it's a cool way to promote the show i guess
  11. Yoohoo happy new year! :D But I'm still waiting for that JiMin fic~~

  12. wow, atrocious camera work. but at least i saw jiyeon? meh.
  13. Hey remember the other day we meet on sbox for Writer Gathering.We might be doing it again.Will inform you soon^^

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