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    tronbonbon reacted to ljk67 in [12.08.22] T-ara's Eunjung walks away from her role in SBS "Five Fingers"   
    The differences in level of determination ^^ Let us all have more determination~
    But I suppose everything happens for a reason.
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    tronbonbon reacted to FreakyFlyBri in [12.05.30] T-ara's 9th member, 14-year Dani, to join T-ara in December   
    No offense dude, but it's hard to take anything you say seriously anymore. When you're not running around spreading conspiracy theories you're badmouthing other members like Jiyeon and calling for her to be kicked out of the group while speculating that the older members will be forced out to make room for the new members. While to a certain extent I agree with some of the points you've made, you're almost extremist in some of your beliefs. I've also seen you on sites like AKPF laughing it up about how crap some of the members are and joking around with people who claim to despise T-ara; at this point you don't even sound like a real fan of the girls but someone who simply hates KKS. It's kind of hypocritical.
    I'm going to simply reiterate what I said a few months back: at this point, we don't know anything concrete so speculating that members will be kicked out is just that: speculation, and nothing more. Furthermore, while I'm not thrilled about a 14 year-old joining the group, T-ara (and any other K-Pop group for that matter) are marketed towards Koreans first and foremost, so the only thing that's probably irking fans right now are the additions, not the member's ages. As people have already said, several idols have debuted around the same age, and the reason Dani will probably debut in December is so she can turn 15 and promote alongside the rest of the group without hindering their schedules.
    Do not take this as me giving a stamp of approval for KKS's antics or the ridiculous member additions...I simply want to know if you're even a fan of the group at this point as you seem to be more interested in KKS than anything. It's unsettling to see some of the things you say here in contrast to some of the comments you make on other sites. As for me, I'm more worried about whether or not T-ara will survive this massive restructuring. This whole ordeal runs the risk of alienating T-ara's existing fanbase, who loves T-ara for the music, image, and members that currently comprise the lineup. Like you said, "If it ain't' broke, don't fix it," and I'm just not sure whether T-ara will survive it.
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    tronbonbon reacted to Denty012 in [12.05.30] T-ara's 9th member, 14-year Dani, to join T-ara in December   
    I'm sure they'll be fine. Besides, Jiyeon debuted with T-ara after just turning 16 but began gathering publicity at age 15. There's about six months between now and December, maybe Dani's 14 years western at the moment and will be 15 by then? Wonder Girls' Sohee and SNSD's Seohyun debuted at about 15 too, and let's not forget 2ne1's Minzy was a few months into 15hood when she debuted. They all rank high in popularity amongst their groups too.
    Dani's a pretty one, and a suitable choice as a new maknae. Our girls have always stuck through things as a family until now, and despite their early awkwardness towards Hwayoung, they are totally happy now. There's no reason not to believe our girls will accept the new members and happily stick together once again. Let's give Dani a chance and not look down on her until she shows us what she's got .
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    tronbonbon reacted to xxxiang in [12.05.23] T-ara's new members to be revealed on May 31st and June 7th   
    T-ara started out as 5 members originally, not 6.
    Anyway Let me welcome the 2 new members
    They pushed forward the introducing of the new members,which is good rather then keep us hanging there till the album releases.
    Just hope these 2 members will be another case of successful looks+vocals combo like minkyung and hyomin from ccm
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    tronbonbon reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    Just in case you didn't know, KKS was already a scumbag before T-ara even debuted. If you know SeeYa's Nam Gyuri, she even said that KKS is a devil before she left the agency - and that was roughly only a month before T-ara's debut.
    I believe the 30 years' experience to be nothing more than a shield he uses - it's something of an excuse he has if someone's going to point fingers at him. Hell, even my dad who used to run his own business thinks KKS is an incompetent whack of an amateur when it comes to business - in fact, even his boss agrees. Arguably, one can figure out that his own goal is to try and
    replace either YG, SM or JYP as part of the Big 3 - which is at best, a delusional goal that can never be achieved since all three
    of those agencies beat CCM in virtually every single possible category, save for the fact they don't have their own broadcast channel.
    The man clearly has issues. Even SNSD managed to improve the singing abilities of its more lacking members over time - yet, KKS doesn't seem to have grasped on the fact that time is a crucial and important factor in the entertainment industry, yet alone the saying that things get better by time.
    Changing or kicking out members in the height of popularity is the same as carrying no ammunition into the battlefield.
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    tronbonbon reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    By all means, it's his own greed and ambitions to have a comfy retirement and beating SM - making a copycat version of SNSD isn't going to beat SNSD - not in the long shot anyway. There's plenty of other idol groups with 9 members or more and they sure as hell haven't been successful than SNSD in any way.
    SNSD already debuted 2 years before T-ara did and they're backed by an agency that is among the Big Three - SM has the money, influence, connections and power to expand as far as it wants. CCM however, does not have that, at least in a comparable scale.
    Considering agencies also rely heavily on the income their idols earn, this is a major factor. CCM hasn't expanded anywhere around the world except for Japan in a level comparable to any of the Big Three, plus a lot of the money needs to go to paying
    the staff (managers, receptionists, composers, trainers etc.) and infrastructure maintenance and among other things. SM also
    has more idol groups to rely on for income - ShiNee, SNSD, fx, Super Junior and the DBSK duo - CCM on the other hand, has
    only T-ara and Davichi. Add in the fact that CCM also needs money to maintain its own broadcast channel, it provides even less money to expand overseas.
    It's like a kid going up against a boxing champion in a fist-fight. CCM was never efficient in managing its artists anyway - and at current practice, never will. It will never be able to beat SM - not if a nutso like KKS is in charge. The man is an inept and incompetent manager and businessman. He is a failure.
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    tronbonbon reacted to neonoodle in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    I say we all write angy letters to Kim Kwangsoo & Park Kwangwon (Mnet CEO/KKS's Boss)! Regular mail, Phone or Fax. Do all 3! Even if he's just trolling, if we choke their system with angry letters & calls from around the world, he'll know not to f*k 7-ara fans!
    Here's the info...
    Core Contents Media (Attn: Kim Kwangsoo)
    269-10, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (135-010)
    Tel. +82-2-546-2982 Fax. +82-2-546-2987
    Mnet (Attn: Park Kwang-won)
    1606 CJ E&M Center, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    Fax. +82-2-371-8494
    I couldn't find a phone number for Mnet. Not sure on e-mail addresses either. If this info is outdated of any of you have more info please post it!!
    If you're going to call, I say don't worry about not being able to speak korean.. I'm sure if you speak you're own language sounding pissed off and make sure to say "Kim Kwangsoo", "Tiara", & "F' in Stupid!" or "Dumb @$$" etc. They'll get the message.
    I found these websites that says it'll send a fax to a South Korean # for Free.. Can't be sure it works (because i'm not in Korea with a fax machine to test it) but it's worth a shot. 1st one needs a 10 digit phone number so you'd put
    025462987 for CCM & 023718494 for Mnet.
    Those are just what I found with a quick google search. You might want to seach for others too. Those websites might start blocking those numbers if they get overloaded.
    Fax is a good way to go though because they take a long time to process & they can't receive their normal busness faxes if the machines are too busy receiving faxes from angry fans
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    tronbonbon reacted to CHUMMii in [12.02.08] Fancam-T-ara@KBS Music Bank in Paris   

    cr: m0rphinexc0re

    cr: Missecile


    cr: Missecile
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    tronbonbon reacted to Collar McPoppins in [12.01.25] T-ara's Qri turns down offer to star in "Rhythm and Police"   
    ok im sorry. but im going to rant here.
    Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung take acting roles and it ALWAYS interferes with their schedules. one of those 3 are always missing from a performance. 70% of the time when t-ara performs they are usually performing 6/7 members (or 5/6 before hwayoung). and during these times 2 of them were the leader.
    now Qri gets offered a nice role, and she doesnt do it because it will "interfere" with her schedule? WHAT SCHEDULE?
    the same ones hyomin and eunjung skip out on all the time?
    and hyomin and eunjung are members of t-ara who actually sing more than one line. it's not liek Qri missing a few promotions would make that big of a difference. maybe she would get more lines if she was given her own chance to shine and be seen outside t-ara in a new light.
    she gets a chance to get some solo promotions and she doesnt take it because she cant miss her stage performances where she will say the intro line to a song and then stand in the background with boram while soyeon jiyeon and hwayoung do the rest. (hyomin and eunjung wil be off filming their own dramas.)
    i am angered by this choice and i think qri should have taken the role.
    CCM get your managing skills together.
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    tronbonbon got a reaction from Robo in [12.01.15] Lee Jangwoo reveals he's upset with Jiyeon and Soyeon's remarks   
    They really don't have any new ideas for this couple anymore. It's always someone being jealous every two episodes ._.
    But wow excited for another T-ara appearance!
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