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  1. HUE HUE~ eonnnnnnie. HI! I haven't visited here for such a LOOOONG time.

    1. vine_hyominnie48


      woah .. how are you ??

  2. oh no! I bet this mv would give the members another Tiring and stressful days.. awww.. no more long-ER sleeps.. would they break the world record for having a lot of Long mv's ? anyway, can't wait!
  3. She's indeed cute. I think she's also talented. okay I've read again that Dani 14 years old and who is 167cm tall man.. when will they get tired? lol.. xD
  4. Oppppppaah~ HAHAHA.. how have u been? thanks for visiting my profile ;DD

  5. hello! thanks a lot for viewing my profile :)

  6. How do I shortcut this shocking news? . . . #BOOM BOOM SHACKKKKKKKKKK BOOOOOM!
  7. I just can't believe this is happening.. Why add and add and add and add more members? Can't they just make a new group that can also fit Dani's age in it? A younger group even more younger than 5Dolls if they want to. I'm sure it will be a success too 'cause they're boasting about the talents and Heights of the girl.
  8. well.. Its kinda confusing.. uhmm.. he met her when at what age is Dani? she's 14 right now? soo like how many years did she train? I'm not saying that she should have train for 10 years before joining T-Ara but.. isn't it toooooooo QUICK? Like, Things happen in a fast forward WAY?? She'll enter t-ara and be the new maknae .. awww.. but indeed she's pretty. Maybe CCM are hiring idols that easy.. or she's very talented that's why.
  9. oh no.. That's just too bad! what could be the 'cause for her illness? It wasn't mentioned. but I hope she's gonna be okay sooner. Get well soon Rambo! :( T-Ara needs you!
  10. Even though it was leaked, I know it will still be a success. I'm gonna wait for their comebaaack!. This song would hit the charts on top I'm so sure! ON TOOOOOP I say. > T-Ara < time to show 'em what you girls really have. T-Ara is SO DAEBAK!
  11. Queens! okay! I'll never forget that. QUEENS QUEENS QUEENS! good thing they finally decided 'cause its been one year since I research for the official fan name for T-Ara. Hyuu~ such a relief. -.-
  12. wee~ Thanks for the view dongsaeng! lol I just missed saying that to you :D XD

    1. t-aranwaterjewel


      OMG I didn't notice that you commented >< Sorry I don't really check my profile as much ! I'm so sorry unnie >< " but I'm doing fine as you know ^^

      Sorry again ><

  13. hello~ thanks for the view saeng~ ;D

  14. No time to wait, to waste ;)

  15. No time to wait, to waste ;)

  16. okayy unnie I understand and definitely see your point. :) YES! you're right! thats exactly what I'm gonna do. :D I'll just do my thing and don't care even if they try to stop me. As long as I don't hurt them physically lol xD. Soo yes, THANK YOUUUUUUU Unnie~ :)ILY! <3 Lastly, okay I'll always ask you some of those 'advices' you have :) Hihi It really helped! :)

  17. Annnnyeongiie~ dongsaeng!

    1. JYP_Rash19


      lol I accidentally pressed enter hehe. Anyway.. How have u been? the others are.. They're.. where are they? hehe I'm kinda active as of now. :D Glad your BACK!! ;D

  18. woohooo~ T-Ara DAEBAK! :DD Way to go T7! All their hardwork is relieved with these awesome results! HWAITING girls~ You ALL deserve it!
  19. ahihi..I'm just soo happy chatting with u I don't really much know what to say. :') *gonna cry LOL XDD uhmm.. unnie what can you advice to me 'cause there are some things that I really want to achieve andd, I'm afraid that somehow many people won't be happy for me reaching to those things.. what can u say? is it confusing? sorry.

  20. Just lol-ing around. ~

  21. annyeeongie~ kababayan! naalala mo pa ko? XDD how are 'ya?

  22. Owhhh.. I see. YES. we also call it college here. You too unnie Study HARD. :D I know how important our future is. :)) hehe. Thanks unnie! though I'm not sure if I really am sweet. lol XD Ohh.. so u love shopping too? Woow. I also lave that esp. when u buy the best things you want. :D heee~ I'm an adventutous person too but I'm more into the nature-connecting activities. ^^ I'd like to hear more from u unnie :))

    1. JYP_Rash19


      lol correction. Love haha I typed lave. X))

  23. owwhhh sorry unnie I didn't open for about two days? anyway, uni means university?? is it what u go to after high school? if it is, then definitely YES! I would want to be accepeted in a uni. :DDD but I still have a year to study and prepare myself. :D btw unnie ur bday is coming soon. :) haha unnie, i kinda forgot ur interests or u really haven't told me yet, what are they anyway?

    1. JYP_Rash19


      correction with a uni --> to *an uni :D sorry!

  24. woooo~ unni hoorays for the two of us unni:D btw what uni anyway? andd cool! you're just a year older than me :D hehe 15 turning 16 :))) soo what stuffs are u busy with now?

  25. Okay unnie if thats what u said XDD. I trust u :D uhmm.. me? well, Your dongsaeng is really growing up. :D Its kinda my last year in Highschool since we only have hs for 4 years here. :D hehe andd.. I'm happy with the things I have now. :D wbu? how old are u again unnie? if you don't mind. :D

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