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Status Updates posted by nganguyen122

  1. Hi dear~~ GiunGiun is here <3

  2. có sài twit ko :"> follow chơi

  3. cm vs tem cx mệt :)) làm cái chỗ Most avtive in nó 3 chấm wá =)) phải edit cái age lại mới đc =)))))))))

  4. ô thì ra nà như vại :)) cx tưng tưng qua đây nữa hả zời :))

  5. let me see ya lalalala :)) ah ahh...run as fast as i can :)) must read the new fic nw :))

  6. yup I am :)) who r u? ai vậy :))

  7. anyway, i'll keep reading ur fic hehe *hugs* lol :))

  8. tks for pm me <3 hwaiting....really love ur fic hehe <3

  9. yahh really??? you make me so so excited lol. Hope it's nice ideal. c'mon.....i want the new chap now hahah.

  10. oh me too....the same age lol?

  11. lol you're so funny ^.^ =]] however, don't make them too sad like that again.....i'll kill you hahah :D

  12. tks for your pm haha nice chapter :D

  13. oh really lol. I think if the next chap with more EunJi moments, it's will hotter. haha let's update more often, we support your fic <3

  14. Thanks for your updating :D and i'm waiting for new chap hehe. But i love the chap more with EunJi moments eonnie ^^

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