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  1. Hello! For future reference, we ask that you do not directly link to photos from K-fansites such as Hyomdot, Jingdot, Falling-U, Eunchannet, For the one, and Meldot. While the logos were kept in the pictures, we prefer to stay on the safe side by just not doing it, and we ask members to do the same. As a reminder, pictures with logos cropped out are an absolute NO-NO, and repeated offenders will be subjected to discretion by moderators. The photo you posted has been edited out of your p...

  2. Hi dear~~ GiunGiun is here <3

  3. Thanks for reading Bo Beep and Chap2 is up and i already pm to u the link^^

  4. có sài twit ko :"> follow chơi

  5. cm vs tem cx mệt :)) làm cái chỗ Most avtive in nó 3 chấm wá =)) phải edit cái age lại mới đc =)))))))))

  6. trời ơi, động trời =)) đọc cả cái list VM của nóa toàn fic là fic.. Giun ơi là Giun :))

  7. ô thì ra nà như vại :)) cx tưng tưng qua đây nữa hả zời :))

  8. pih1234...hah...Giun .....

  9. yayaya~i did a new fic title BO BEEP,about Jiyeon as the cat n Hyomin as the owner http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18114

  10. let me see ya lalalala :)) ah ahh...run as fast as i can :)) must read the new fic nw :))

  11. yup I am :)) who r u? ai vậy :))

  12. ngannguyen i see ur name is...are you a t7vn member?

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