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  1. haha yeah thats why. oh imkeiko just updated her don't forget you're mine fic, go read it! i promise you you need to prepare tissues to cry . really. it's very touching.

  2. haha i don't frequent the SB at all cos i think some people talk crap there and it pissed me off the last time i talked there :C

  3. YESH lol the guy was like ...going bonkers haha cos no one wanted to trade with him haha

  4. laughing like *sh!t i meant. aish TD is so conservative with vulgarities nowadays cos of underage kids T_T

  5. LOLOL the whole mac was shaking cos the 7 of us including me who went were so bersak and laughing like xxxx with each other, one guy getting 3 hwayoung photocards at ONE SHOT. LOL

  6. yeah it's quite a lot of people haha like...if counted properly 10? yep :D

  7. hey oppa SORRY been kinda busy for a while what was your first idea for the first chapter again?!? i forgot sorry oppa heh :<

  8. people to hang out with, trust me a whole bunch of t-ara enthusiasts in a Mac turns the whole place UPSIDE DOWN XD esp when we opened the albums together to see whose photocards we got. haha u should join us next time, lovey dovey album!

  9. hehe i bought all already :P i'll show you my collection on e day on twitter ;) yeap in the midst of stalking them i managed to make a few friends ya know, which now, are extremely extremely close friends to me. and i treasure friends like these cos we can spazz bout t-ara together and yet still click well in daily life :') even the people in the SG thread? they are REALLY nice and awes...

  10. haha GOOD! i stalked them till crazy during heal the world concert haha it was so worth it :P tell ya bout my experience you'll get jealous keke. lucky they didnt come for MAMA! else the hole in my pocket would be uber huge . YEPYEP me too, no kachings sigh :( did you buy all of their albums?

  11. haha that's great, oh so i guess i should see you at...the next t-ara event in singapore right? :)

  12. No worries where are you from?? i'm from the sunny side singapore. nice to meet you and thanks for reading ma fics.

  13. all the best girls. we diadems and citrines will always be here for you! leaders are great people who shoulder so much responsibility.
  14. yo oppa! ^_^ this was the fic i was telling ya about! haha i love it so much . yeah cos my heart breaks when i read it LOL no kidding ~ http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17974


  15. HOOYEAH t-ara is so popular now i feel the extreme need to turn everybody into CITRINES :'D

  16. Awesome THANK YOU! haha hopefully it is ~ eunjung jiyeon and Minnie look SO CUTE!!
  17. *cross fingers* OUR BABIES R GONNA DO WELL. WE HAVE LOTSA LOTSA FAITH IN EM so they will sore HIGH HIGH with all their CITRINE support worldwide ^____^
  18. Hey! Emailed you already :D

  19. haha alright ! sorry for the delay i couldn't use my laptop too :P

  20. Cry Cry Can't you see the music?

  21. Sorry thanks for the PM! :)

  22. That's our T-ara. Kind hearted and always loving children. YES at least CCM gives them opportunities like these for T-ara to shine and be in the spotlight for doing good deeds (Y) nongshim FOR THE WIN !!!!!
  23. I want a bad boy concept hahaha . C'mon I thought they were gonna completely dump the retro concept already ! o______o ah well nvm ANTICIPATION~~~~ Hope black eyes will be a full length album!
  24. Sorry , inbox was full. Thanks for the update!

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