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  1. Yeah they won't forget their fans don't worry I thoughtthe official colour was Yellow ad the fan club name was DIADEM??? :b it ISN'T? D:
  2. Yes! Really so proud of the girls. When I saw the word Singapore I kinda spazzed a little. Those 3 days that they were here ....al the singaporean diadems were so happy and proud of them :'DD THEY'VE REALLY GROWN SO MUCH!!! T-ara 파이팅 YEAH! Come back to Singapore soon diadems here will wait for you!
  3. Haha awesome I will be watching lotsa variety shows from japan soon cos of T-ara! WOOHOO I hope they get lotsa lotsa lotsa support from the japan diadems there ! 100,000 is no joke man!
  4. Their style here is damn beautiful !!! Look at Boram's 'Jiyeon's Qri's and Soyeon's hair so beautifully done hahha BRIGHT RED concept so sexy t-ara fighting !!
  5. Haha they need it as a REQUIREMENT to protect T-ara of cos ...but Japanese people are civilised ,so I guess they won't try anything funny !
  6. They all look ery mature and beautiful of cos! And JIYEON shoots that sexy look haha and BORAM looks tall OMO haha her heels must be pretty tall!!! Awesome photo shoot

  9. I don't think that we diadems are the only sad ones. T-ARA themselves were anticipating awesome reactions from us fans as well. Well nvm TMR ! start the trend on Twitter Again and show them!
  10. [bREAKING NEWS] T-ARA comeback part 1 MV pushed till 29th June 2011 @ 11AM KST
  11. Even my mum says WOW the teaser is really good and it's a pretty awesome concept haha ! AWESOME !
  12. WOW TEN MINUTES. Good job CCM YOU CONTINUE DOING YOUR THING and all the diadems around the world will be very very happy.
  13. That was a really good fan account of T-ARA in our sunny country :) -big round of applause-

  14. T-ARA FIGHTING! hahaha Eunjung eonni JJANG!!!! Omg 1st July I can't freaking WAITTTT
  15. Wow that mean they r shooting their new MV today and tomorrow ! Awesomez!!!! Thanks for posting this up
  16. HEHEHE YANLING ! sorry took so late to reply lol the mobile version of tiaradiadem cant see lehh....otherwise i am still not used to this haha bye ! ;D

  17. T-ARA HWAITING ! Hyomin eonni do your best and lead T-ARA well ok !!! contests to HYOMIN and many thanks to Boram And Eunjung for doing a good job in the past !
  18. WOW AWESOME clear and beautiful pictures of the girls. Good job. Love all of them !
  19. JIYEON eonni please have as much rest as possible!! Learn from eunjung ok !
  20. Ah eunjung! You so sweet.....polite and friendly ^^ haha hope that all your future shows and T-ara's comeback will have AMAZING feedback EUNJUNG 파이팅!!
  21. woohooo BORAM AND EUNJUNG EONNI !!!! Love them so much. Awww boram's tongue........
  22. Eunjung.....*trying to catch my breath* she drives me crazy man!! Haha EUNJUNG JJANG!!! you look stunning here
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