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  1. Another horrible song for T-ara. Can't they go back to their Good Person-IGCBOY style??? Even for only the Japan promotions. They really shone there. Especially with Good Person!! I miss Eunjungie's singing voice and high notes.
  2. LOL at this #wesupportdaesung xxxx. Support the motorcyclist's family instead. HE:S THE ONE WHO DIED for pete's sake. Retards.

  3. I'd love to see that too!! Then Jangwoo ownz Geonil and takes Eunjung away into the sunset. LOLXD
  4. Daily K Pop News: [DKPOPNEWS Poll] Your favourite Bagel Girls! http://bit.ly/mMBJl1 No @RHY422 and @taraeunjung1212 in diz poll? T.T

  5. B2ST is trending..Better drink my own piss.

  6. #miamiheat gonna win in six or five? Think it's gonna be 4-2. @KingJames FTW!

  7. TIFFANYisLUV gaming will be served right at you noobs. Fighting ^^

  8. Dude, I effing love your smut!!!! Hope there'll be a chapter 2. It's too good to be a oneshot!!

    BTW, did you get this GIF from tumblr? THIS I LIKE. HNGGG.


  9. I've seen your Youtube project thread and I'm a bit interested to request. Is it okay? ^^

  10. Hi =) Just passing by & telling you that you forgot to tell who are the next 3 persons in the "DUMP , DATE OR MARRY" game ^^

  11. Jangwoo-hyung looks really cute in revealing his jealousy! They look soooo sweet together! :>
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