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  1. wow\\ sad to hear that;; get well soon ji yeon aa... please don;t force yourself too much,,, always anticipating your drama DREAM HIGH2,, hwaiting!!
  2. i'm sure hyomin can be a good leader too..like boram and eunjung and the other..t-ara hwaiting..
  3. haha..G.O went to T ara dorm?? and that brand name bags..wow..hehe.. i think she is a classy women..
  4. wow that's really big one..haha.. big eyes = big talents.. soyeon keep that eyes big..haha..
  5. CCM should make a new Coffe House..hehe.. i wonder what t-ara to be in that drama..lol
  6. both are pretty.. have a great talent.. kim tae hee is a legend,, i hope ji yeon can be a legend too
  7. it's really over now?? no more ji yeon..no more heroes..no more sunday night
  8. want to see it but don't know where to watch..,.. any suggestion??please i really want to see it
  9. soyeon is a dancing prodigy??? i think she is a tv mania,,haha..watching tv at 3 years old..
  10. 24/7 and tiara on wgm..hehe.. i watch it every single week and don't want to miss it
  11. her brother want to runaway with jiyeon..haha.. i wonder why she want to run away from home??
  12. so pretty.. she looks very mature in that picture.. no matter what she does she always pretty
  13. what 3 man??haha..lucky man// but no wonder since she is so pretty and cute too..
  14. wow.. eunjung was a honest person,, her ex-boyfriend is the luckiest person ever.. his parents too.. heheh..
  15. yeah..there is no need to hide it..i think eunjung right to reveal how to distributing their income fairly..
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