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  1. I saw you're confirmed going, good news :)

    Are you flying in by yourself? From IAD or DCA?

    Have you booked your tickets?

    I'm trying to find a friend too flying from DC...if you don't mind, let's match ticket, and if you have a friend in SF to couch surf that's more awesome hehe...

  2. Hey, if you decide to attend the show, please buy the ticket from me. I have extra from my friends who can't come anymore, we sell them at discount. Check out my post on the Support Planning project.

    Thanks :)

  3. Hey samchon fan :) I'm a samchon fan too haha...

    Btw, if you haven't bought ur ticket, would u please buy my ticket? I bought extra for my friend but apparently she already bought 1 too.

    U can pay only the tkt price $100, dont need to pay the fees.

    For section 219.


  4. Hey if u haven't bought ur ticket, i got extra ticket. U can pay me just for the ticket price $100 without fees that they charge. Its for seating in section 219.

    Reason i have this ticket is i was trying to buy it for my friend but apparently she already bought too. We're from DC.

  5. Plus I think it'll be flexible with this seating ticket, you can seat during the other artist perf then join the crowd during T-ara since the GA floor doesn't have assigned seating #.

  6. My friend and I were too excited while trying to cover each other, so each of us ended up buying 2 tickets lol. So yeah, I don't mind giving you the $100 ticket for only the ticket price bcoz I know the fee is ridiculous. And from what I saw on sbox, lots of members having some problems affording tickets, so consider it a discount if that helps :) while I need the money back for my hot...

  7. Hey if you like the seating spot, i got extra ticket, you can just pay me the ticket price $100 without the fees that they charged. I bet you can join the crowd in the standing floor with this ticket, and the standing ticket will cost total close to $100.

    Please let me know :)

  8. Haha my friend n i got too excited so each of us bought 2 in anticipation of sold out to cover each other. But we ended up buying 2 too many lol...

    Yeah so let me know when u got ur flight. The tickets shud come by end of this month. I got pretty good seats. I'll give em to u for the ticket price only, no worries abt fees they're ridiculous.

  9. Hey Suna, i got 1 extra ticket for T-ara show in SF, so don't worry about sold out. Just get your flight then let me know, I'll send you the ticket.


  10. Hey, just read that u r in VA, awesome! I got extra ticket for concert so no worry about sold out. Lets arrange a flight together if u want, i'm with a friend from DC.

    If u have another friend it will cool, i have 2 xtra tickets. Let me know!

    N nice to know T-ara fan from the area!

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