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  1. Can't wait, hopefully it'll be as funny as the Lovey Dovey in Tokyo MV.
  2. It's sad how people hold onto things long after they should be put to rest. Hopefully the girls aren't too disheartened by it and can keep enjoying the stage a little knowing how many of us are out in the world supporting them even if we can't all make it to the performances to be heard.
  3. Now I see the bigger picture of why they should try to get her reinstated into the show as an example to the future. That being said I'm hesitant to see Eunjung return to the show because of how she might be treated. I really wanted to see her in the drama but now I'd rather she was able to find another project where she'll be accepted with open arms.
  4. I was sad to hear that Eunjung had been removed from the drama, at the same time I think that some time at home with the people who love and know her best will do her a world of good in these stressful times.
  5. I hope this helps set things back on the road to less stressful times. I'd really like to see a real smile from her again.
  6. There is a two part fear I have toward adding a 14 year old to a group like T-ara, the first is that due to her young age the group will be forced to abandon any sexiness in exchange for bubbly cuteness subtly encouraging (read: forcing) the older girls out over time. The second is that T-ara being well known as the group with the most incredibly filled schedules Dani's health may not be able to hold up to the strain.
  7. Happily Eunjung wasn't hurt, money can always be replaced. I hope she doesn't dwell on this for very long.
  8. Not a huge fan of the thought of adding more members since they have a hard enough time properly showcasing each members' talents as it is, but as long as there are no removals or replacements I think we can all find a way to live with this.
  9. Yet another working "vacation" for the girls eh? It's horrible that they never really get to rest but I hope that they get to have at least a little real fun on the trip.
  10. Eunjung-ah! please actually rest this time, don't be stubborn and make us all worry even more.
  11. I can't help but wonder/hope if they're going to go on and adopt Diadem as the official fan club name. Seems as though it'd be convenient enough doesn't it?
  12. I love the girl and all but, someone needs to headslap the stuborness out of her before she does herself serious harm. Between being determined to be on stage with her ankle injury now and her knee injury back durring Why are You Being Like This promotions I think she's on the verge of crossing the line between professionalism and insanity. I love seeing her on stage but I'd rather miss her for a few performances and know she was coming back healthy.
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